It’s an inside job as we see our work-life balance change and possibly never return to the way it was.

So many maybe will want to continue being home workers liking the whole experience and many more may want to start up a new career for themselves because of the opportunity of experiencing staying at home.

Maybe offices will be open to having far more home workers and we will be a huge population of home workers.

Google and a few other forward-thinking companies have for years now has encouraged home working, with the addition of family days and pet days at work all designed to keep people happy and merge the work-home balance. They have designed special desks for their sporty and health-conscious and more mobile workers to use whilst working. Nothing should be overlooked to keep your team and staff happy.

Knowing that a happy workforce is a far more productive workforce.

Many companies have been supportive with forward-thinking and started bringing in back massage therapists, meditation rooms and I have certainly supplied a few creative teams with several ‘Home Detox Box’ which is an entire digestive cleanse, short fasting guide and gut health kit that has been instrumental in increasing creativity with some top design teams.

By offloading the stress and toxins clogging up the pathways to creativity clever innovative directors of these creative teams have seen an improved outcome of freeing up the mind to be more imaginative and has improved the ongoing creativity of their teams.

The whole word ‘work’ even brings up thoughts, feeling and visions of a bad day at the office.

Many will also miss the interaction of work colleagues and separating the home from work. Most will now be wondering how they can re structure and be more efficient products in the coming months and its time to think outside the box.

How can you emerge as a different version of yourself and enjoy your work in a different way?

I’m speaking to Karen Burge in this episode of It’s an inside job, who says your route to market needs to be thought of carefully and for these times especially maybe just outside the box. When it comes to anyone from a smaller business or even to a large business? It’s best to think differently. This is the time for entrepreneurs to serve the community in ways that they never imagined they would too.

Online is set up for so many services that can be brought online where the old face to face was normal.

Therapists who are hands-on set up your date base collect email addresses to stay in touch with your clients. Some of you can even do consultations and offer advice in your area of specialty.

I for one have altered my contact with people and am tuning in with the needs of women to see if its the right time for me to connect with them.

This is a skill I used when I ws inviting workmen to assist me in the house and now I use it to guide me for clients and who to work with

This comes through with soul partnering and learning how to connect soul to soul with others. Soul to Soul connection also helps y-you to get the very best out of any situation. This will be an invaluable skill that is much needed in the years to come, as we can feel into the truth of everything which is far more reliable a guide than we think.

You can FEEL into a company or a person you want to work with that might sound perfect, but what if you can feel what it would be like to stand next to and be and work with that person, does that feel easy or a struggle, or take that product you may like to get or use now you can discover if it is the right product for you or if there is a better one and keep searching.

This opens up a whole new way of operating that is far more effeicient

This makes life and decisions far easier to know what’s right for you. This is the year and opportunity to partner up with your soul and listen to your intuitive.

Enjoy this episode of it’s an inside job and check out the others that are available on It’s an inside job you tube from relationships to wealth.

How could you emerge as the phenomenally strong woman who is in charge of her life, her business and her realtionships?



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

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