It’s an inside job

I believe I am experiencing this stay home rule as a gift

So many positive things can come out of staying at home

Are you able to see it as a gift?

Here is the daily inspiration from Maria McMahon. and Myself on how to emerge a new woman – after a spell indoors, A long retreat to consider what you value the most about living

First, take time out to decide who you want to be and take steps over the next weeks to have a brand new relationship with YOU.

It’s an inside job to create a brand new relationship with you. I admit that takes some courage to discover what you really like, dislike and what you want instead, without dabbling and discovering what makes you tick and happy to get up in the morning

It’s an opportune time to know what you value for example: values look like : Freedom, Love, Adventure, Fun,

If you find that you are suddenly working from home you may have the opportunity and extra time on your hands to rework your career, relationships and find that you don’t actually like some elements but become aware when your values are not installed into your day. And that’s enough to make you feel crappy, exhausted, angry and overlooked and at the end of the day over eat, or drink and turn to self-sabotage behaviors.

There is a silver lining and a golden opportunity to be grabbed here.

Never before have we had as long to self reflect and make the changes in our relationship to ourselves, to have the time to create new closer relationships with ourselves and our family, find a new lasting peace with food and a whole new attitude to boot.

What if you were to emerge like a butterfly unrecognizable from your cacoon

30 days is all it takes to transform your mind, body and reach your soul and see who you are and fall in love with yourself – 60 or 90 days is better but just see what 30 days can bring you.



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

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