Soul messages in physical symptoms

What does your soul really want to say to you?

In 2012 My body felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. It felt like I was made of lead, I arranged myself slowly and reached up grabbing my hair into a pony tail, and then pulled my head off the pillow using my hair and rolled over onto my side. I slowly put my feet square on the floor and rose up still lifting my head by my hair. Getting dressed was a challenge as I stood swaying on one leg to put my pants on.

I had been going to the osteopath, then someone else and someone else. They all clicked, stretched and massaged, put electrodes on the muscles but nothing shifted the shooting pains of sciatica in my back or from my neck.

I knew that there is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and feelings. So I had begun to ask myself why I was still struggling and somehow just knew that this symptom was for me to understand the lesson and stop doing or thinking what ever it was that had caused this pain to be created in my body. I made myself a promise to take time to investigate this however long it took. I was a Reiki Master, healer and a coach for 20 years for women with physical symptoms from weight to hormones. I stared with describing the pain to myself, where it was, how it felt in my body and writing it all out as to how it and what ever else restricted my day.

I heard my story of blame I had running in my head about my EX not supporting our 2 boys. I was a single mother, financially struggling and felt compromised. At the same time deep down I knew I was capable to support the boys in every aspect. Yet I held onto old resentment that the father should support them too. And wow did it hurt inside and out.

I took my pen and my journal and wrote out a whole new story. It started ‘How easy our life was. We had a thriving business and lots of fun adventures together.” I never did receive money for their up bringing. I chose not to need it. It had not been possible in a past lifetime to raise my children so I had chosen to be alone this time round and have the best gift ever.

That afternoon after my writing my sciatica eased off. I carried on telling myself the new story and re-coded my mind and body until my personality and my soul believed it too.

If I ever get a twinge of sciatica again, I see where I have complained and ask my soul, “Is this because of the story I was telling?” I get a strong sign that says ‘YES’ and I turn any complaining around fast.

Your soul intervenes and sends messages via your body, she has the power to alter your body in any way she wants until you get the message.

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