Whilst I was travelling in 2003 I experienced my first ever detox in Thailand at a renowned detox and healing centre on a tiny island you can only reach by boat. After my wonderful experience, I went on to train in the ancient art of detoxing the tissues and cleansing of the digestive tract that had seen me drop an astonishing 5kg in just a few days.

As I was getting my head around all the facts of my training on what a detox actually does for you, which was all new and so interesting to me I learned a very interesting and remarkable fact.

Along with this training I learned about the power of taking daily enemas to help the toxins being released by the detox and remove the putrid waste as quickly as possible, so as to not get it lodged somewhere else in the body on its exit route via the intestines which would prove dangerous to keep hold of something that should be ejected.

I learned about the true power of fasting and how to conduct that in the best way for each person, to give the body a well earned rest and time to really and fully give your house a spring clean of decades of waste By taking specific ingredients mixed into a shake these act to speed up the detox process by expanding the and sweeping through the digestive track effectively removing old waste from hiding places that would not normally be accessed.

I learned so much and then I discovered something strange that was not advertised, within the shake mixture they were giving us in a big glass 5 times a day was a large amount of non-digestible fiber which was perfect firstly so that body felt full and still not actually getting any fuel to digest and secondly that it provided the fibrous brush that swept through so effectively and thirdly as it acted like a porous sponge for the toxins to be soaked up in and held there until they could exit the body.

The other super powerful ingredient in this shake that I found out did the most work in the detox was a big spoon of CLAY.

For goodness sake really?

I remember thinking and being shocked that I would clog up my entire system by taking clay.

But it was a very well measured amount of clay and a specific sort of very fine volcanic clay called Bentonite Clay that acted like a magnet to make the detox super effective and efficient.

As I continued my studies into detoxing I found that it was not only an ancient healing method using clay, but had been successfully used by a leading healer of his time and he wrote about this and his extensive findings in his educational pages on deep tissue cleansing. Bernard Jenson healed many people for incurable health issues with a detox and the facts and procedures he shared got me to be passionate about cleansing the body and it has stayed as a foundation of much of the work that I do, even as I moved onto the mental aspects of cleaning up the body and mind and re coding them into more effective programming re wiring thoughts when they got stuck in beliefs that damaged no longer served the person.

I continue to educated myself in all aspects of cleansing teachings, bowel and tissue and use clay for many other things around the house too.

Clay has so many benefits yet it is overlooked as it is not just alternative but unknown and for many a bit too WAY OUT there.

Did you know when a person uses it on the skin, it easily removed the grease and grime and has a magical way of cleaning that I still see as remarkable, Bentonite clay has the power to adsorb oils and bacteria. I make a hand soup with clay especially for the boys who get covered in Bike oil and my partner who is often black with car or motor bike oil and petrol. It works like a dream

If clothing gets oil it has the charm to lift off the grease here too.

Why then would we use toxic cleaning products when we could use a natural substance like Clay.

Secondly It can safely be digested.

When Clay ( not just any clay but specifically Bentonite Clay which is best for these purposes ) is Digested the clay attracts to itself large quantities of grease and toxins. It’s working with a magnetic force field as it has the opposing Ions to that of toxic materials so they attract to each other remarkable well and easily.

After all my education and experimenting with myself and friends on the art of detoxing I wrote and put together the Home Detox Box so this kit could be readily available to use at home with a guide and takes you into the detox phase and how to exit the detox phase safely and with the most health benefits.

I myself and my friend s and clients have experienced losing 5kg (10lbs) in 7 days following the detox procedure as it is laid out with precise instructions.

The Home Detox Box has been such a wonderful gift to many over the last 15 years since I produced it and it still helps many because of its simplicity and magic ingredients.

Your body will thank you for years to come once you start to clean away the debris.


Wishing you a clean & healthy body and one that feels lighter and brighter.

Fiona Robertson

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