Spirit having a human experience

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This is most likely why you are battling with feeling heavenly in your earthly body, and it feels like it is misbehaving.

When every day is a struggle and an uphill effort living an earthly physical body that will not comply with your wishes.

You can experience feeling heavy, tired and aging faster than you would like, with aches and pains and persistent symptoms as well as maybe carrying too much heavy weight?

I bet you can remember being excited about becoming a grown up. I personally could not wait to be all grown up and living a full life, doing exciting things, having great experiences, be in tremendous loving romantic relationships, going to a great job that I love and having fun, playing and enjoying all of what life had to offer.

One day I remember I caught sight of myself and could hear myself saying “Who is that?”

I know it’s not the real me I see from the inside. Seriously it is not the body I see or want to feel or who I know I am deep down. I can’t seem to match them all up.

You will know and have heard no doubt that you came here as a spirit to have a human experience.

All beautifully wrapped up in human form, as a reflection of God in flesh and bones with chemicals, hormones and with the needs of a human body, now add in the element of gravity and life’s daily grind.

Being weighed down and dragged back into earthly living with the inbuilt program for survival is what we all experience, thats being human.

How is that working out for you exactly?

There is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and feelings.

You see your heavenly body is reflecting back to you all the seriousness, pain, effort and the heaviness of your perceptions and feelings of your everyday living situations. The daily grind wears us out faster than anything else ever will.  

When did you lose the feeling of ease and joy in your body that spirit wants you to experience?

I was about 12 years old when I felt I needed to change my body as it was not good enough, this divine heavenly creation.

Forgetting entirely that I was soul until a lot later on in my life ( fast forward to about 36 years old when my soul actually rather loudly said “Hello” ) Forgetting that I had chosen to be here at this specific time, to experience being a creator and ascend during this life whilst in a physical body, to simultaneously be divine and human at the same time.

The miracle happens as your soul comes through more and more, the more you trust her the more she trusts you to intuitively guide you. That is a sacred journey to become a spirit in a human body that can heal, feel light and agile and heavenly to be in.

All diets, exercise, healing and bodywork that you’ve done so far are to help you see and remember that you are in a heavenly body experiencing the choice of being a soul first. It’s an inner journey that needs your utmost attention not these external temporary quick fixes. The only way your spirit can communicate with you is via your heavenly body with symptoms that affect you and grab your attention. Your worst fears will be realized just to call you home to be a spirit in a human form.

Take a pause right now and to ask your soul what those physical symptoms could be telling you and drawing your attention to?

Go quiet and sit for 10 minutes daily, listening to just the noise in your ears and watch your breathing all the way in and all the way out.

Breathe all the way down to the core of the earth and through you back up to heaven and back down again, in a never-ending circuit including you in the middle of that connection like a tree standing still receiving the breeze through her branches.

Just watch and notice what you notice. In the quiet, you can ask your question and see what comes in that moment or in the days that follow. Just notice and ask one thing you want to discover.

Messages from your soul are for you to come home and remember you are spirit having a human experience. Your soul is waiting for you to say ‘Hello’ so she can guide you home to experience a beautiful heavenly light agile body.

Fiona Robertson

Soul partnering into your divine human body

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