“I know what to eat but can’t do it”. I hear her sigh out load.

Why oh why was it so difficult to eat healthily, I have heard myself say all too often.

You see, I’ve replaced my food and junkie habits numerous times over the years, so I know the pain of embarrassment and disappointment when I fail yet again and choose foods that are not on my diet sheet.

To be honest, though, it should be fairly straight-forward to follow a diet sheet or menu card, to eat what’s shown and suggested as the healthy options. To keep to that has been the hardest part ever for me.

I know what to eat but It’s difficult to eat healthily and I just can’t do it, is a cry of so many in my clinic.

Diets are just not enough for some.

In 2-3 cases recently, I would ask my clients to replace this for that, only to have them on a call a few days later and hear them say ‘ It did not work, or I’m just not seeing any results”.

I would think to myself, “Oh, I must have missed something, not explained it well enough or I didn’t tell my client the same things or in the same way.” But, time and time again, that wasn’t it.

I searched for clues, I meditated and looking for an idea and reason for each client as I had with myself as to why it was not working as I know it should and does for 100’S of ladies dropping dress sizes.

It’s like I can ask Alexa or bring in Google to the rescue when I go into Meditation and tune into their bodies and see what code they have running, this is when I see the body recode that needs to take place and how to reset it for each client to get the success they desire and why nothing so far is working as it should.

I have found many people with the same and one particular problem.

They have become heavily invested in FOOD to fix their problems. Food seems to be a way to fix numerous external problems, that should not be food related but keep getting entangled in the mix. This is an eating disorder and recognized now and is very easy to untangle actually.

At the same time, I have just as many who would say to me  “this worked for me perfectly” thanks, or “You hit the nail on the head and saw through my bad habits and triggers to overeat and gave me another clearer solution”

No two people are the same and some need a quick reset and others need an entire new blue print and run a new upgraded program.

It’s not complicated or difficult, it is however different from anything you’ve ever tried before. That I guarantee – Its radical!

Fiona has changed my life already and I love the way she showed me how to start seeing it.

Ingrid. Holland

For the ones that struggle and have tried every solution under the sun to get the results they wanted of dropping dress sizes, I have learned one very important piece of information

When these people can’t follow what I suggest in their own kitchen and the kitchen has become a minefield I see and feel that they are confused and overwhelmed with their beliefs and understanding of nutrition, diets for health, and food has become a huge investment of their time that they seldom have to spare.

Now I have to up the anti.

This is the part I love as I see fast change and old attitudes disappear, but still, this is only part of the bigger solution, they require a different and very specific experience with food. They have their knickers well and truly in a twisted knot and are desperately in need and want to experience Peace With Food.

Fiona pulled it all together for me. What I didn’t realize was she was integrating all of the facets of me.

Only Fiona got to the core of me and unraveled what no one could ever reach in me. That takes love and devotion and patience, such patience.

Elaine L. Canada

Letting go of everything you have ever learned about nutrition for someone who is heavily invested in food can and will turn into such a peaceful experience.

The mind is quiet for the first time in years. The judgments, blame and anger of self and on what and how you eat are a thing of the past and are a big part of what has ruined all of your good work and hard efforts.

You have been marching in the opposite direction of what you wanted for too long now.

I am well on the way to reach the 3rd of my 4 goals.

But whats really marvelous is that I am finally happy with who I am?

That’s a huge success for me. Even If I had not lost these 50lbs already I see that my mind is at peace and all the shitty, snippy negative bits have left the building. I finally have so much less to think and worry about.

Sally. Cambridge

There is a way to fast track this back by discovering Peace with Food and dropping 2 dress sizes in 2 months with a Body Recode.

This is setting into play a brand new blueprint for your cells to follow, the chemicals being released and hard wire the synapse of your mind to respond differently from now on around food. This is Peace with Food in action.

And it is beautiful to watch.

What I thought was unattainable has come home to stay.

I attained Peace with Food and in my Body

Mel. London

When you are ready to experience 2 months of doing things 180° in a different direction do 1 thing….

Take a step in the right direction and ask yourself: who do you want to be in the next phase of your life? How does she walk, talk, dress, and what kind of relationships does she have?

You get to create your New Reality right here and now.

Head over to “Women Winning the World” on Face book and get invited to group experience for a Body Recode session in your first month.

Fiona Robertson

Peace with Food

Body Renewer

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