If your ‘weighty’ thinking does not change, even if you do lighten up considerably on the flesh. You will sadly retain an overwhelming urge to gain it all back.

It is far less important how or what you eat or how quickly you lose it, and immensely more important how holistically you lose the weight from your mind, emotions, and soul. ALL OF YOU NEEDS TO LOSE THE SAME WEIGHT

Any weight or persistent physical symptom is a clear reflection of your inner state, your vibration and where you are holding onto stuff that is not really you, but you have adopted points of view, beliefs about food, finances and what is possible. This limited thinking will be washed away and so the real you can come through all the way.

Weight that disappears from your body but not from your soul is simply going to return in a month or so.

You know it and I know it.

It is far far more important to lose weight off your mind, emotions and holistically and then your body will join in with the new sleeker streamlined expression of your self-worth. Showing up as a body you can love completely from head to toe.

You cannot look closely at one thing without affecting everything around you. So weight is often a symptom, a message from the soul that it’s time to clear up your way of perceiving situations and the stories you tell.

It can be a deep sacred journey. One step at a time to shift your relationship with yourself in respect of your body, finances, friends and family and see all of this through the eyes of your soul.

Or this can be a shallow one step diet that sees you alter your weight for a month for an occasion only to regain the same weight back and some extra.

Your mind is set at a certain weight and sees you safer at that weight for whatever reason. Are you ready to re wire your mind and see yourself as your soul sees you?

This is conscious weight loss and an intuitive journey to self discovery, A sacred Journey

There will be lessons on a holistic level regarding your weight and body as a divine representative of who you are.

To take the spiritual sacred Journey and FEED YOUR SOUL:

There will be ceremonies and rituals to be part of

There will be emotional needs that need addessing

There will be spiritual elements that have gone ignored

If you are obsessed about healthy food, a binge or compulsive eater these will cease to be important

If you know what to do but cant seem to do it, you will manage with ease

If you see food as the enemy you will perceive food to be your healer

This Sacred Journey sees you surrender the battle with food and find ‘Peace with Yourself and Food’. That’s a deep loving sacred experience to be taken gently just one step at a time.

There is a deep spiritual link between spirituality and your weight loss. and its a beautiful one I guarantee

Weight goes easily and simply allowing you to become more of your soul personality and with a true purpose week after week after week.


Soul Partnering

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