It’s an inside job.

Being under house arrest, confinement or maybe you call in quarantine, we can panic or we can learn a new skill and take it as an exciting opportunity to upgrade yourself energetically, mentally and physically and be a whole new person in 3, 4 weeks or could it be months.

The uncertainty could be bothering you more than staying at home. Most might say

“Say at home! – Don’t mind if I do…”.
Who will you emerge as in a few months?

This can be seen as a burden or an opportunity. Your opportunity to set in motion a brilliant intention and challenge your thinking and current status quo, and make positive changes to your health, work, family relationships do all those things you have been avoiding because you have NO time, or because you don’t know how. Well, guess what you now have time to develop the skills that are going to be needed in the new world.

Getting the most positive aspects of being confined to home.

Isabelle and I are coming to you from behind our desks ( in France) and inside our own homes as we are lockdown with Coronavirus.

And we are asking you and each other what can you do in 3 to 6 or 12 weeks that will be hugely positive to you?

A detox

Clear the wardrobe

Write a book

Get your CV up to date

Drop that dress size with a 7 day 7 lb plan

Read inspirational self development books

Upgrade your mindset to support your new career or relationship

Clear out the kitchen and make space for great new stuff

Make headway in a major project

Learn to meditate

Say “hello’ to your Soul and have her on board with you guiding you daily.

What would be the very best version of you that could emerge from this time at home?

What changes would you like to see you have accomplished that you have dreamed of for the last 10 years?

How could you emerge as the phenomenally strong woman who is in charge of her life now that she knows what she values the most?



Everything I do, I believe challenges your status quo and the normal ways of seeing and doing things when it comes to the body.

I believe in thinking differently. I believe in putting your deepest desires to the challenge and watching you transform beyond all of your possible expectations

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