Stuck in a rut?

Here we are more than half way through January and with the Chinese New Year about to happen its a great chance to set a new intention.

What Intentions did you set out for yourself this year?

Have they already started to slip and slide and vanish without a trace.

With the year of the RAT about to start maybe you feel this is an opportunity to do something different. To step up and receive what you feel you deserve.

  25 January 2020 :-The Year of the Rat is going to bring us creative energy, an energy which can manifest by fulfilling plenty of things you wish in your life.

You will have the surety that everything is possible, that you are the creator of your own life and that yes, you have the power to be whoever you want to be.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “she’s on the edge of something great” or “She’s got the edge” or “to have an edge over something.” – that place a little outside of your comfort zone where you begin to expand and feel empowered and feel this thing you desire can actually happen for you.

You say ‘Enough of playing small’, I have decided to make this happen.

That is where intentions come from, a decision to become the best version of you and to have the dream come true.

You need to understand, that to make your intentions happen and be able to receive them there are steps that you will have to take. Changes made to how you have done things before

Keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same results

There are 8 things that block your initial request and your Intentions being delivered

  1. You don’t believe it will happen and can’t see it happening, You can’t imagine any options available to you, you’ve never been able to do it before, so you don’t send a request at all.
  2. You don’t send a clear request, You have not formed a clear request, the longing is not big enough or you can’t understand the reason you really want it. You just can’t see it.
  3. You send out your request and you tell yourself in the next breath you can’t have it. Don’t deserve it. You come up with reasons why you won’t get it. Then the request goes on hold and gets stuck with the contrasting thoughts and feelings?
  4. You have a pattern of fear going on of what will change of you get what you ask for, relationships may have to change, you may be abandoned, or you might change and be different. The fear stops the flow.
  5. You have an old belief that your not good enough stemming back from childhood and carry anger and negative thoughts and feelings about yourself and capabilities, these frequencies and energy vibrations are enough to stop you from receiving your dreams flowing to you.
  6. You start strong and then stop it, especially for small businesses – as you complain that you will have to work too hard and will lose your freedom. No time for you if you are serving all of those clients.
  7. You modify your request over and over again confusing the message and the feeling of what you want.
  8. You are unprepared for the success and for what you asked for and get overwhelmed, panic and stop the flow.


Do you recognise this?

What do you want to make happen next for you?

What do you recognise and want to have a break through with?

When is Enough is Enough?

Are you ready to get what you dream BIG about?


Over the next 12 weeks you will see where you are blocked and stopped the flow of your intentions. You will be proud that you got past that hurdle and can get on with your life with that well and truly behind you.

Step forward say yes to yourself.

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