What happens next?

I want to tell you about something that’s made a huge mindblowing impact on my life—because I would love for everyone to feel the same spaciousness, support and freedom that I have come to find.

I now know that I started on this journey 25 years ago, and then again maybe before that too. I dipped in and out of what I am going to explain blew my mind wide open, until I hit rock bottom in 2015 and knew I had to do something very different before I got sucked into the downward spiral or lost it all. I had no money to my name, gained 2 stone and was finding it hard to get up in the morning.

I hated myself for becoming like this but still could not get myself back on track, I was beyond embarrassed to be queuing up and asking for help to feed my children, and that I had allowed this to happen. Me of all people who had run several successful businesses and supported most of the people in my life without a skip in my heart beat.

Asking for help was so not who I was.

Then I began to see that the difficulty and the pain I felt when ever I HAD to ask for help was not from asking others, the authorities, or family for help but from my inner self. She was waiting to be asked. Pushing me to ask her.

I began to quietly say ‘help me’ and ask for what I needed help with and practiced getting out of the way as to which direction it should come from.

I had been so stubborn that money SHOULD come from my EX, that I had become blinded to see all the other opportunities I had at my fingertips. I also saw how I was blocking my own success with what I was constantly thinking and feeling.

I began by paying much more attention to my thoughts, all those spinning thoughts at first too many to see or name. Then feeling into how I felt as I began to hear what I was saying to myself, and then the hardest part for me was seeing that I had created all of this downward spiral myself by what I was thinking, being bull-headed and stubborn and not making any effort to change that.

I was crushed when I admitted to myself that no one else was to blame, Its so much easier to stay in a place where ‘its not my fault’. But what I realized was – this is not mature – and I wanted to be mature about this and rise above my patterns and habits because they dragged me down and I did not want to stay there.

I could see and feel it playing out far easier in others as to what was going on in them, the stories they told, but it was not always able to get out of my own way, especially when it came to money, running a business as a success and not as an expensive hobby. I had to admit I was to blame no one else. That took guts and courage to turn around and look at myself.

I knew I had to re write the story around my circumstances and feel differently, but I could not start. Just as I knew if I ate better I would lose weight – but I could not keep it up,

All until I one day I hear my soul say “HELLO” and saw what she had been so cleverly doing for me. I realized what I was being called to do and quickly started doing something truly mind blowing.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance for yourself and hear your soul say “Hello”, so that you can become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in, and then see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

I knew the concept of the soul, that she was me and lived in me as energy, and that I was no more than flesh and bones and her vehicle for this lifetime. So I had to get out of the way if we were going to accomplish what we were here for. I am a Reiki Master and body whisperer so I understood the energy force in everything, I even felt it, but to admit that my soul through my impoverish circumstances, lack of money and lack of feeling love was calling me to her, and showing me what exactly to pay close, close attention to, I had to admit was genius. I had been lost and acting like a child.

I have never become so acutely aware of my body, how she felt and my circumstances when I truly saw and understood that I was the only one who could change this, from living in lack to living in luxury.

It did not happen over night but I saw clearly where my soul brought me people, opportunities and showed me love beyond what I had ever shown her.

Over these last exploratory 5 years, I have got to know myself as a soul and spiritual being working with energy, shaping it, meeting my soul self face to face and becoming more in her likeness as each day goes by. I think more like her, I look more like how I saw her looking, and I feel what she would do in situations. I play with her and ask for her help for anything from threading a needle (which she does in an instant, compared to my squinting and hundreds of takes) to winning at family society games just for fun, or to finding clients that fit me perfectly. She never ever lets me down.

Although I have let her down constantly and for decades, ignored, blamed, got angry at, said hateful words to, complained at for years on end and never once thanked her for looking out for me and protecting me.

Who is my best friend? Roma, she is my soul and brings to me what ever I ask for, so I am now very careful indeed how and what I ask for.

If you are curious and want to get ready to receive soul assistance, so that you become phenomenally strong and love the life, the body, business and beloved relationships you are in and see just what crazy things and opportunities you can create for yourself. Consider this….

This is for you if you are a woman who:

* Feels that they are empathic and pick up on negative energy and can’t shake it off

* Feels empty a lot of the time, fills up on food or drink

* Feels she is not good enough and has a pattern of living from lack

* Gets confused when you are in a crowd as you pick up energy and thoughts of others

* Feel exhausted after your day dealing with so much

* Feels you have lost yourself along the way to the demands of others

* Feels you want to be free from the heavy feelings of worry, anxiety, frustrations that nothing is working as it should.

* Wants to feel liberated and able to say you are a very satisfied woman at the end of each day singing “things are going my way”

I look forward to introducing you to your soul and you getting what you came here to experience, share and have.

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