Women’s disappointment, disgust or delight with their bodies is what lies at the very centre to being able to transform the body how you want her to be – or not.

Since October last year, I’ve been upgrading how I approach the subject of the body over the last few months and I am ready to share the golden nuggets, snippets of what has been coming through from my body and soul’s collective as I put together my book on a new universal understanding and revolution of how the body works and how it will work best for you.

Within everybody there is an energy that resides at the heart of you and your ability to understand and be aware of and access that energy is the very fundamental element that allows your body to either transform or not.

We have all had lessons about our physical bodies that teach us the science, chemistry and biology of how the body works, so when we aim to alter our physical body, her energy and her structure and see someone who looks fit and healthy who says “follow this XYZ method and you’ll succeed with transforming your body just as I did”.

They present concise and comprehensible arguments about nutrition, explain about fuel, digestion, gut bacteria, the science of calories and exercise to use up the stored fat and so on and so forth, and tell you so convincingly that their formula is the best you can get.

They are selling their promise to your mind and sadly it is not just your mind who needs to be on board to alter and transform your experience of your physical body.

But, you take up the diet, the regime, the planning exactly to the letter, but as much as you follow this XYZ method you don’t get the same results as promised because you don’t know what else to do and well they put up a good argument and you so want to believe them.

The reason you are missing the results you crave is all due to this mystery energy element and the relationship you have with your body and soul to enable the switch to be turned ON for you.

Still, you see some people who do not work so hard at being fit and healthy, flexible and can eat whatever whenever and have all the energy they need and seem to be so at ease in their body.


 There will always be someone however clever the strategy who do not succeed and always someone who does not even seem to try at all and it all clicks into place so easily.

That bit is the most valued and missing piece of the puzzle.

So you can analyse the behaviour of others to see what they are doing and do exactly the same and get vastly different results in anything you aim for, from money, business, body, health and even relationships.

But you cannot see how they FEEL about all of that or grasp exactly what and how they think about that subject, that they seem to have the magic touch with, that invisible element that gives them access to everything working out so easily for them.

How can you measure that and attain that?

If someone struggles with their body and aims to transform their relationship with how it looks based on nutrition alone, they will miss 80% of these invisible elements. These elements that actually go onto give them the immediate access that allows them to receive the part that mindset and energy magically plays in manifesting itself for them as – wellness, health, flexibility, strength, feeling lighter and so full of energy that will ultimately give you the feeling that you can scream from the rooftops” I LOVE MY BODY & FEEL SO ALIVE”

This is and can be so easily resolvable.

All that is necessary is to 1. recognise the root of the problem. It’s not because you are doing the wrong things but 2. because you lack the ability to access the energy and mindset of having real LOVE for your body (who houses your soul and desires your unconditional love). And those thoughts and that energy do not exist for you right now or you would not be struggling as much as you do.

Fix the overall energy problem and reset the mindset at the route and it will all come very much easier. I promise. Hint, The ability to find the love for your body as it is today, is the answer.

If you don’t fix the energy problem and re program the mind and just continue to focus on diet, behaviour and strategy you will find that you will have wasted so much of your time and money and it will take a very, very long time to work it out for yourself. Keep losing the same amount and never maintaining the weightlessness feeling and the body that is strong, agile and flexible. Believe me, I know. Sadly it took me decades and many, many diets.

If you, on the other hand, are brave and able to admit where you are right now and willing to adjust your energy and mindset that gives you direct access to what you want. These are the first steps to enter a world where you’re feeling at ease in your body, love to be ALIVE and understand your bodies real needs, wants and desires.

Then you will discover that you have no self-sabotage behaviour playing out, which was previously needed and screaming at you to fill the void at the centre of you, that you felt needed filling over and over again.

You will have found a way to fill that emptiness at your centre that lasts far longer than the extra snack and secret overeating habits you have been falling back on.

Loving your body as she is today can take courage, you can start today with accepting her and finding the smallest parts that you appreciate. for example your hair, your eyes, your intelligence, your wit, your hands and dexterity, your vision, take note of all the small parts and be amazed how she is still operating and taking care of and protecting you despite your disappointment or disgust in her.

Write a list of 100 things you appreciate before you move onto the next part.

Write a letter to your body and tell her what you think of her and be honest and real about how she has turned out.

If you are ready and willing to go further with this and really access your body and transform her, take part in the next phase of your life accessing RADIANCE and love for yourself and your body and just see how life changes for you.

Follow this link below and get more information on how you can turn around your relationship with your body 180°


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