Since I was a skinny12 years old I was dieting and depriving myself of food, judging food as bad and preparing myself not to get fat, just like I was told to do. Following the examples of other women struggling with their bodies.

Progressing then into my 30’s and 40’s onto detoxing, raw food and veganism I was righteous in my choices and waited for the really joyous healthy me to emerge.  

What I did not know at the time, was that this was all leading me down a path onto a divine sacred journey, to know myself, really, really know myself and allow the real me to shine through, despite some educated and entrenched beliefs and extraordinary judgements about life,

Was it easy? No not always am I happy it turned out this way most certainly Yes.

It’s not your fault.

I too have dieted and detoxed all my days away, obsessing about healthy food and my body image, hating and blaming her for not conforming to my desire to become a body that I could really experience loving living in.

I missed events and experiences and shied away from any real connection in relationships, holding myself on guard just in case I was judged for how I looked and got hurt in the process.

Who was I hurting?

Who was judging?

Who was craving connection?


I was starving my body and soul and did not see at the time that as I was losing weight – from time to time, with all of this doing without and depravation from my body, but I never lost the weighty thoughts from my mind. The idea that I was judged and unloved just built a barrier around myself for protection.

Nor did I lose it from my emotions, who were too immature in the early years to fathom and navigate their depths. My emotions and mind needed to lose their weight before my body could. They needed and wanted attention of the deepest loving kind.

I did not clearly see my soul in all of this until 40 years on, way after I had started dieting in my delicate teenage years when I was using diets as a way to connect with women who I actually wanted care, attention and love from.

I now know that weight that disappears from the body but not from the soul is simply recycling outwardly for a little while and will almost certainly return as it has not been heard as the message it is there to convey.

This self defeating need to diet and drop significant dress sizes will remain a struggle to the end, unless you are willing to drop your thoughts that initially produced the heavy energy you carry around with you everywhere you go in the first place.

There is a powerful lesson with what ever we struggle with, ultimately it will be a sacred journey that saves us that brings us right back to who we really are and meant to be. A beautiful spirit having a human existence. Weather or not you have issues of the Mind, Emotions, Body, Finances or Relationships. It’s all about You.

Everything around you, that you see and experience you have to know is what you have created and is there because of you. Only You.

What you think you create. What you feel attracts more of that to you.

You get to choose now if you want to create a new version of yourself in the mirror reflection of how you think and feel or stay in the struggle for the next 6 months, year or lifetime.

That’s a big ‘Ah Ha’ I hope. And your route now is to chip away at everything that is not the real you, until you can be seen for who you really are, if that’s slim, healthy, rich and in great loving relationships. Divinely loved is a sacred journey.

You get to sculpt yourself from your thoughts and polish away any emotions that are not relevant to the real you and who you can Identity with.

“If your weighty thinking does not change, then even if you lose weight you’ll retain an overwhelming subconscious urge to gain it back” Marianne Williamson

Taking one step at a time you can learn to shift your relationship with yourself, your body from one of struggle, fear, hate and anger to one of love.

To integrate various parts of yourself in mind, body and spirit to become united and work as a strong team all together again.

That’s the journey a divine sacred journey to resolve the need to use food, reach for pills or booze to numb you out from a potentially wondrous world.

To have peace with food, in your body and to be a peaceful loving person that you were created to be.

Its what we came here for to experience life in a body with exuberance, joy and to love all of the experiences available to us on this beautiful planet with all of its dense cluttered chaotic ridged forces at play on the planets atmosphere, all of the energetic influences that are so hard to cope with and resist but have helped us avoid life as we know it.

The Sacred Journey begins when you say I commit to ‘Ditch The Diet’ and start Living From Your Soul.

To think better thoughts, to feel free with your emotions and discover real love for yourself.

You deserve to live in a body you love, and your body deserves to be treated like a goddess and then you can feed your soul.

Until you see and treat yourself with love your body will reflect the heavy thoughts and feelings that exist inside of you. A perfect mirror to what is going on on the inside of you.

Once you clear the decks and heal the self hate, anger and blame your body will naturally follow. The first step is releasing the heavy weighty thoughts that currently in prison you.

Your soul is asking for a very ‘sacred relationship’ to happen with you. With you being the home and in the chosen vehicle of your soul, to meet her and join together on a very sacred journey.  


Soul Partnering

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