What Happened when my Soul Said “Hello”

My Soul came to me and loudly said “Hello”.

I recall the very morning as If it was yesterday. It was in early 2002 on an early cool morning before I got up and was to be going to my company that I had created several years before for myself. This company that I had just saved it from a very painful separation with a life and work partner. I felt myself hanging on so tightly to what I thought was my future, and had the feeling that as I had created it. This company was like a baby to me and I wanted to see it grow and flourish.

The morning my Soul spoke to me, she asked me in a clear loud determined voice “Do you want to be doing this in 5 years Time?”

My answer was so spontaneous and out loud and I remember saying “No Way”.

She asked me a further 3 times asking if I still wanted to be doing times in 4, 3 and 1 years time? and my answer was astonishingly NO WAY…  This was the very start of a long beautiful soul to soul journey of getting to know and appreciate my soul and have a personal experience of how she is for me, and what she wants for me, for us actually.

In the book Living From Your Soul, I have given an account of what she had in store for me and how she time and time again intervened when I got stuck in an earthly life situation. She got me to see her perspective of my circumstances and intervened until I saw the BIG picture for us. My life is so much more than I could have ever imagined and still holds me in awe of what I have created to date and what can still be created by Living From My Soul.

I have recalled in Living From The Soul a specific 15-year phase of my and what happened when my soul said “Hello” and made herself unmistakably known and very present to me. She intervened in such a way that I had no choice but to follow her needs and wants for me. Just so that I could create the life as myself as a soul wanted, rather than accept mediocrely or potluck and whatever was thrown at me and maybe because I still held the belief somewhere inside that was all there was available.

She intervened in ways that were not always easy, not always nice just so that I took notice and started to ask more and more and be extra curious and inquisitive.

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I often asked myself, would I have taken notice if my life had been different, If it had been easier to navigate, more joyful, had better partners and relationships?

I have to admit maybe I would never have taken this journey as far as I have, if that had been the case.

So, in hindsight I am thankful for all of my many experiences when my soul felt it was necessary to intervene and I got to see the real gift and the gem in the garbage.

And I assure you, if you take the time and the invitation from your soul to play with her and start Living From Your Soul so will you.

I have got to experience how to create a life that I love, Live in a country and in a corner of the world that I love, meet a Man with qualities I truly love and admire, Live in houses that meet every specification I asked for and that I love, create fun and deeply rewarding relationships with my sons who I love and so on and so on and so on. It’s an adventure to be soul assisted. 

It will not be the same life that you will go onto create for yourself, because we are all here with variations to experience. But if you follow the examples as I lay them out, you will see how to create from scratch and from wherever you are. You will see and understand what is truly magically possible for you and how to create. And you will see the evidence of what you have created very quickly and have beautiful experiences that will blow your mind.

This is a way to play at living, the game of life. Living from your Soul. Just to have experiences and set yourself free from the mundane and limited experiences we have been led to believe are all that is possible for us.

I have to tell you and been told to tell you over and over again that there is so, so much more waiting for you and you get to create that for yourself.

I am a thankfully a rebel and never managed to accept that ‘this or that’ was my lot. I remember screaming inside my head “There has to be more to life” I remember thinking that very statement and guess what – that is what I got to experience – more to life than mediocrity.

And I am still thankfully experiencing what more is possible for me living as a soul, as she is navigating for me somewhere I cannot see or imagine.

Things just happen and sometimes I was oblivious to my luck and soul intervention and sometimes I was blown away just how quickly things turned around.

When you open up to your soul and allow her in to guide you, you just meet the right people at the right time along this journey, you have experiences that show you that you are being gently pulled and prompted to where the soul needs and wants you to be and what she wants you to understand, You sit next to people and feel so comfortable with them and when you ask for someone to help you with something specific they appear at exactly the right time as if by magic.

So that you can become one with your soul, and allow more of her through to navigate the choppy waters and create a sweeter life for you.

You will have no idea why you meet or get prompted to do certain tasks but they all are woven into your tapestry of who you are to become when your soul shines through you.

You are not separate – You are SOUL – when you, the little you, steps out of the way and lets more of her through, you will get that your soul is more powerful than you can ever imagine, and wants so much for you to experience everything

Say ‘Hello’ to your Soul – Your Soul is more powerful than you can comprehend – It’s smarter than a computer and more powerful than nuclear warfare. Your Soul is endless, infinite, timeless and guiding you every step of the way.

And is waiting for you to say ‘HELLO’.

She has been with you for lifetimes. You are her and she is you, She feels and experiences what you do, she is your very best friend and ally and ready to step up and give you soulful assistance with everything you desire.

Best Friends – Everything you do she is there Everything you desire she inspires She intervenes to bring you what you are asking for Her desires are your desires You are welded together and being guided through every situation, opportunity and person you meet, every song you hear, thought and feeling you experience. She is waiting for you to ask her for soulful assistance

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