Most Businesswomen know it takes 30 seconds to form the First Impression of someone. An impression is taken in by your looks even before your words and within seconds you have been cast aside or taken seriously as someone to listen to.

Seldom do you get a second chance to win your audience over.

Your body when you meet someone for the first time is like a barometer reading that person. It’s a skill we all have and use daily, our reptile brain and gut instincts are reading how it feels to be with that person. Everyone feels different and has a different vibration, depending on their thoughts, their feelings and the energy they live in.

If you are congruent you will be a perfect match with your thoughts, words, emotions, in your physical form and actions if not you will feel to the other person OFF and out of balance and will certainly have doubt spread over your observer.

People will take you in from their eyes how you look first, specifically, expression, such as smiling, eyebrow position, emotional expression, and eye contact are emphasized, posture as well as your physical form.

Using our inner radar to detect if you can be trusted, and who is important or who to pay attention to. This is ancient wisdom and uses our gut instinct and subconscious mind and our feelings to detect incongruent feelings in our subject that alert the oldest part of our brain the reptile brain. These feelings are usually unconscious to us without mastering the mind and our sensory perspectives but are very accurate.

Studies show that first impressions based on how we look ie our body shapes, especially when “we have nothing but appearance to rely on, including more negative assumptions about heavier bodies (e.g., careless, lazy,) and more positive ones about thinner bodies (e.g., disciplined). Physiologies Today

Psychologists have known for decades that attractive people get better outcomes. Just because of the simple fact that a body that is heavier is most likely being judged as lazy or undisciplined or there are deep seated problems that have not been addressed, and leave people with out of control eating habits and not the healthiest lifestyle, and if you want to make a lasting first impression that certainly has to be one area that needs to be taken into consideration to find peace with food, in the mind and with the body.

Whilst it might not be my belief, I do know this, every single client I have dealt with who went onto lose substantial amounts of weight, has had a history of baggage that needed to be cleared out before the weight disappeared for good. The baggage left unattended causes addictive or obsession eating, triggers uncontrollable cravings and eating disorders as well as digestion problems, which just goes to show how well we are digesting the world around us.

If this is your story and you find that you struggle with your weight and it does not give a fair representation of your ability to handle a task or stand on stage and give a presentation. Please know that your body size and shape is not the end, you are not fixed or final. It is just a measure of how well we are coping that the outside world can see and as you alter your ability to feel strong, set boundaries, take care of yourself and what you allow to affect and influence you. You too will see a remarkable change in how your body reflects how in control you are of how you think and feel about yourself.

To make your Best First Impression I challenge you if you choose to accept……try this.

Choose a character that you admire, who looks and is how you would dream of looking when you make that first impression.

Now imagine you are her in that role she is playing and see and feel what she is wearing, how she is walking, how she is talking, The tone of her voice and try and get into that character; I dare you to walk around believing you are her for an afternoon. And as you go about your tasks do it in that energy.

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