Energy Leaks taking away all of your sanity and how to plug them?

In December I found that the house boiler was leaking and as it got progressively worse , decided it needed to be changed and replaced.

With the old boiler out and now moved to a brand new location in the house; Which I am so happy about. I was also noticing how happy I was to get in a clean away the years of dirt unable to be accessed before.

Now I have heard it said about me, “Fiona you reach the paces no one has ever reached before” so I was laughing as I set about cleaning up the old stubborn grime and mess that had laid unseen and hidden for so long and now uncovered because of this leak.

I like to see the analogy of what ever happens in my house or with my car or in my family as something for me to take note of.

I knew that I was going through a grown spurt and up levelling as I had experienced that over Christmas with a relationship that was really bothering me. I knew only I could clean that up and if I left it would ruin my days weeks and only I could sort it out.

Water leaks especially tell a story of emotional energy running away and being wasted. Any issue with water , plumbing, floods etc point to emotional issues needing cleared and healed.

So this was an apt sign that the water leaking from the boiler was in fact showing me how my emotions were in need of being re aligned and to take on a different perspective so that the energy could return to a better state..

So clearing up these energy leaks and cleaning away the dirt that had accumulated was showing me what was still to be done from my perspective.

I took on the cleaning job physically, mentally and energetically with GUSTO, which has since this week also asked me to clean up my physical body too with a short detox. Which is so normal as our environment, our emotions will be mirrored by how we feel physically and how efficiently our body can function..

I have been getting clear how I want this particular relationship that was bothering me so much to be, and I have made clear steps and done my daily practice to set in motion a new thought pattern as well as how I can feel instead.

So far so good, all is well and I am recognising how I feel towards this person and making new choices and reactions. It is becoming easier to be around this family member as well as develop an acceptance and compassion.

I am thankful for the boiler leaking as sometimes it takes a big shake up to see the changes that need to be made.

Plugging the energy leaks is a necessary of the modern day woman if she want to cope well in the next phase of her life and have herself live a life of ease and grace in all situations.

What energy leaks do you encounter?

These could be aches and pains, Headaches, weight gain, acid reflux, twisting ankles and knees, or household appliances breaking down in numbers, several light bulbs all stopping at once, arguments and anger rising to the surface and not being able to control your behaviour and response.

Say YES and take the 5 minutes self assessment and see if you have any of the 15 signs that show you, you might just have hidden and bottled up feelings and energy leaks needing dealt with.

Are you about to lose it?

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