15 Signs that you might have hidden and bottled up feelings
causing you to feel out of control.

Each Woman here is uniquely different and had different experiences,
but there are 15 sure fire ways to detect if you have bottled up emotions,
suppressed feelings eating away at you and your mind needs to be re
wired, liberated and a new program downloaded.
No matter what the cause no doubt you will be experiencing some
bottled up feelings, emotions and thoughts that will be having a knock
on effect on how you react and operate in your day.
Take 5 minutes to do this self assessment and see if you recognize some
of the tell tale signs you have suppressed emotions boiling away under
the surface from anger, hurt, sadness, disappointment, past traumas,
shock, betrayal, abandonment, rejection, guilt, shame, helpless, lonely,
confusion, or lack of love.
Women’s Bottled Up FEELINGS are the Biggest Undiagnosed Epidemic on the Planet.
Many women learned during childhood to ignore, or avoid, bad feelings.
Not to feel or express their rising feelings such as hurt, sadness or of anger
as it was just bad to feel that way.
These socially unacceptable feelings could not be explained well enough
by a generation uneducated in their own feelings. Nor were these feelings
that we were having rise up even recognized as important enough to
acknowledge, or important enough to matter by your parents of primary
care givers because they did not know how.
Showing no emotion and turning the other cheek was the norm for so
many emotionally uneducated families.

But this ignoring of your bad experiences, such as abuse, abandonment,
trauma, shock, rejection, being ignored or not experiencing the LOVE
and care that you craved has left you confused about how you feel
about these overwhelming feelings that rise up and you have to take so
much energy to squash back down.
The fear is that having these feelings you could break down or lose it in
public, and that you could have an emotional outbursts at un expected
and in appropriate times, yelling, screaming, crying, having a tantrum,
saying and doing mean things are all coming from feelings of being out
of control with the energy it takes to suppress and keep in check your
inner feelings which as you well know leaves you feeling extraordinarily
empty and exhausted.

The slightest disappointment or something not going to plan seems to
have you swimming in feelings that take your body over, from a churning
stomach to a blocked throat and holding your breath, frozen to the spot,
digestion issues swing from constipation to diarrhea, your neck and
shoulders ache with the stress of carrying such a load all the time and
needing to push that away which results in you doing one or a few of the
15 tell tale signs that depict suppressed emotions.

These 15 signals that you are controlling your feelings can mean that you
over eat, over drink and over shop and other tactics to find any kind of
relief from the burden of feeling out of control.
The more you put off acknowledging that something feels wrong about
how you feel, the worse it will become.

Unhealthy coping behaviours such as these can work in the short-term,
which is why people often return to them, but can lead to further
problems longer term.

Suppressed emotions from decades of carrying hurt, anger, sadness,
disappointments and dealing with abuse of all kinds are the causes of
many physical and biological changes in your body. These emotions will
cause your heart rate and blood pressure to increase and the level of the
hormone, adrenaline, to rise. Repeated feelings left out of control and
left unchecked will be having long term affect on you from the weight
you carry to your aches and pains to allowing long term sickness and
disease easier access to your organs.

There will be signs of these internal feelings from anger to the
lack of love for you to recognize.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself?

15 Signs you have hidden and repressed feelings from anger to lack of love

  1. You are busy all the time. Keeping busy is a sure fire way to have
    no time to feel things. This might include being quite codependent,
    taking care of other people’s issues instead of your own. And it
    often includes being a workaholic.
  2. You are never angry but have constant mild depression. The
    problem with blocking one emotion is that it often messes up or
    blocks our ability to feel other emotions, too, like joy and
    excitement. It also takes a lot of psychological energy to keep
    things repressed in our minds which can leave us feeling drained,
    leaving some to call depression is ‘anger and self hate turned
  3. You are known for your sarcastic humour. Repressed anger often
    parades as sarcasm, meanness, or an apathetic ‘I don’t care’
  4. You self-sabotage often. Perhaps you are always late getting to
    work, are a student who skips classes, or don’t respond to
    opportunities you want until it’s too late and you’ve missed the
    boat, don’t do what you say you will do, i.e. exercise, diets and
    projects that you know will help you .
  5. You hate rejection. The habit of repressing anger often stems
    from growing up in a household where showing emotion led to
    being silently ostracised. This can leave you a grownup with a
    deep fear of being rejected that surfaces in your relationships. It
    can also show up in your work environment, where you might get
    told you are oversensitive to criticism.
  6. Little things really bother you. Perhaps you are the one in the
    office always complaining if someone puts back the milk carton
    into the fridge with only a drop left in it, or the one at the gym who
    feels really upset if someone doesn’t wipe down equipment they
    have used. This is because bigger repressed anger is seeking an
    outlet and it comes out in the form of frustration and annoyance.
  7. You suffer muscle tension. Anger has to go somewhere, and
    often it goes to our body, leading to a tense jaw, sore upper back,
    or a constant tense stomach that can lead to ulcers (if this is you,
    you might want to try some ways to relax your muscles)
  8. You suffer from ongoing exhaustion, fatigue, many colds or flu, or
    perhaps chronic pain. As well as muscle tension repressed anger
    can lead to anxiety, which affects sleep, which then lowers your
    immune system. As for pain I believe that the body never lies and is
    talking to you through the pain and metaphysically physical pain
    is caused or exacerbated by mental and emotional factors. The
    can be a distraction to keep you away from paying attention to
    repressed emotions, or as I believe it is a signal to pay attention to
    the message being shown to you for the emotional pain you are
  9. You have nervous habits. Things like nail biting, chewing the
    inside of your mouth, or picking can all be signs of repressed
    feelings including anger.
  10. You struggle with addictive behaviour. It doesn’t have to be
    drugs or alcohol. It might be that you are a shopper, a love addict,
    an over-exerciser, or a foodie addicted to healthy or junk food.
    Addiction is often a way to distract ourselves from things that feel
    painful and we want to avoid at all costs, and if we are in pain
    over something, we are often very angry about it, too.
  11. You need to be in control of your life. If we are controlling
    emotions, it can lead to a desire to also control our exterior
    environment. Being a control FREAK is a sure sign that there is a fear
    of being out of control on an emotional level.
  12. You’ve been accused of being passive aggressive. Passive
    aggression happens when instead of expressing our anger directly
    we do it indirectly. This can include things like being nice to
    someone’s face but gossiping about them behind their back, or
    telling a partner we aren’t angry about something important like
    how they spent the month’s budget but calling them lazy for not
    putting the rubbish out.
  13. You have trouble saying no. A healthy emotional recognition of
    what we feel and being able to freely express it, is what leads us to
    setting up healthy boundaries for yourself. Where as never showing
    your feelings like anger often means that you struggle to say no or
    even realising that you can say no.
  14. On the rare occasion you do get upset, it tends to be a
    blowout. You might only get properly upset once a year, but it
    tends to be explosive and something others live in fear of. This is
    what happens when there is a build up of un expressed emotions.
  15. You feel happy all the time, just pure peace and love. This kind
    of belief about oneself generally points to some deep-rooted
    denial. The human mind and emotional system is not one-sided.
    Nobody feels great all the time. If we did, we’d never learn
    anything, as we grow from being challenged and by contrast –
    which includes not always liking what other people do and say.
    The person who has the biggest smile and insists she is fine really is
    trying to convince you and herself that all is in fact fine, when in
    reality it is rarely so and this is her trying to control her internal
    unexplained feelings.

If you recognise one or even a few of these signals as yours, and that you are indeed troubled with being out of control with your feelings and have suppressed certain things over time, you can use new practices and be proactive to help yourself clear away old and outdated stories of emotions and situations. Feelings of anger, hurt, sadness and unhealed emotions cause physical and biological changes in your body, left unchecked they will affect your bodily functions, energy levels and long term health.

What’s next?

Imagine if you could put an end to your:
• Feeling fit to burst at any moment
• Feelings of being out of emotionally control
• Feel you are on the verge of a burn out
• Freezing when it is your turn to speak and messing up
• Fearful that you could break down or lose it in public
• Physical tension, trembling and stress symptoms
• Feelings of complete exhaustion
• Nervous and continued un healthy habits
• Feeling mildly depressed, fed up and about to give up
• Feel guilty if your not BUSY or doing something useful
• Self sabotage behaviour that is stopping you move forwards

Here are more details on 12 Weeks of Freedom from Feeling Out of Control


We are dedicated to release you from mental, physical and energetic feelings of being out of control and have put together a concise 12 week course to home in and release these feelings, so that you can move forward,
breakthrough and become the woman who can express herself clearly, set
clear boundaries, get your message across, ask for what you want and get it
delivered, be heard and respected and your anger will be dramatically
reduced so that you feel more ease, grace and serene.

Over 12 weeks you will have mastered your mind, refocused your energy and raised your vibration to attract in more of what you want towards you. And have a new relationship with yourself and the confidence to trust yourself, be seen and heard and get your message across clearly in every situation

We will teach you how to be at ease and value your feelings as a barometer
between your internal and external worlds and take care of your emotions,
feelings and yourself so that you can have your way with the world.

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