One of my clients was a corporate wiz kid and specialised in an area previously where only men had succeeded. She felt pressed to accomplish more work to prove herself and achieve more and keep her position. Her whole subconscious mind was in survival mode, trying to keep up, and please others and not let anyone down or fail. It was lonely at the top.

She came to the point where she was mentally and physically broken. Needing to keep up kept her awake at night.

She asked me

“If I’m so Smart why can’t I lose weight?”

“If I’m so in capable in business why can’t I control my body?”

She had become so sensitive to her surroundings reading everyone and scanning for troubles and putting out fires before they raged too high and intense, she was going 90 miles an hour to do everything she felt she needed to do.

She was on high alert and vigilant to every little thing. Her whole life was the same she was so capable in knowing what was going to happen she was on duty all of the time.

Her adrenalin was through the roof and she felt she needed more and more stimulants to give here the edge to keep up.

Her mental circuits were jammed all of the time and sending messages of how much she had to juggle. Her poor body sensed the emergency of every situation and was in panic mode. The stress she was under wrecked havoc on her eating habits, her cravings took over just so she could get enough energy to cope. Hormones and chemicals were being released that did not serve her best interests. She was sinking and using the smallest of cups to bale out all of the water flooding in.

Here is how we remade and re programmed her internal situation.

  1. We taught her how to regain a conscious feeling of safety to accomplish one task at a time, that turns off certain damaging chemicals and hormones being released in the face of panic.
  2. We taught her an internal gauge and knowing of what it felt like to receive the wisest insight and overviews to change her internal perspective of each situation, this turns on the perfect chemicals and hormones needed to have access and use the previously stored fat.
  3. We taught her how to create a new character for herself that feels she has everything under control and which dramatically lowered and had a neutralising effect on any wayward chemical and hormones being released
  4. We taught her how to alter her fuel intake and physical fuel burning system to match her daily required energy levels, so that she had the energy to last into the evening and dissolved any need for fight and flight survival and panic mode to exist in her body.

The antidote to curb the hormones raging is a simple and very effective one and I unravel with Women Winning The World. Weight, Wealth and Self Worth.

Obtaining Peace with Food and learning how to feed her soul what she needs, wants and si missing the most.

Fiona Robertson

Soul Partnering

Feel welcome to PM or E mail me to discover how to turn your body around 180° and feed your soul so that yo no longer feed your face.

I am in your corner and at your side to re construct you daily and give hope when it seems all is sadly lost.

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