How do you walk the room?

Are you the confident type swaying to the tune “The minute you walked in the joint, You could tell she was a woman of distinction, a real big spender, good looking, so refined….”

Marie was walking into the training room set aside for her to get the sales force of this company licked into shape and she had some great stuff up her sleeve.

As she walked into the meeting room proudly wearing a bright yellow above the knee fitted dress, she felt ‘priceless’ and so glad she’d taken steps to get into her best outfit ever, the skin she loved being in… when she overheard one of the ladies saying:

“Oh I like that dress, I wonder where she bought it. Not many people can carry of yellow, but that looks fabulous on her.”

Marie was tickled at the comment, she walked to the whiteboard and realised she had a huge cheesy grin on her face, thinking to herself if only that woman knew that just 2 months ago I would have been in elasticated waist trousers and a long coat jacket to hide my arse and muffin top.

As Marie turned around she could not have been prouder and full of new confidence, she swept the trainees off their feet and walked the room like she owned it. Her energy was so different and she felt Priceless and phenomenally strong and confident.

She got asked to come back as well as take her sales training into the companies’ other 4 regional offices. To which she agreed to do and signed a new contract that day to be their main sales trainer.

This is what happens when you:

Love the skin you are in

Have your body as the best designer outfit you could be wearing

Any £5.00 t-shirt dress will wow your audience more than the £5,000 Givenchy  gown

  • Substantial weight loss that is sustainable comes with mastering the mind. Neither ability to master your nutrition or your mind is of much use alone.
    But of the two, the mind is far more important. Your mind and body need to truly connect and be in balance. If you must choose which one to train. Then you should train the mind.

*Learn to listen harder than ever before.

Most women are under the misconception that the physical body is altered by eating less and moving more but until you understand your resistance to doing that nothing will change. It is such a shame because the answer is right at your finger tips

😁Feel free to ask me how and take a look at getting your best designer outfit made to measure.

Fiona Robertson

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