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Why Do I Need Radiant Energy to change my body?

I am Feeling Fed Up, Frumpy and Frustrated?


That was what Mel asked me this week, Why do I need Energy to get the body I want? She’d read my messages and was feeling she’d lost her real self some years back and could not get that feeling she wanted, to feel energetic, free and happy. She lacked life and described herself as fed up, frumpy and frustrated.

I explained that Radiance was the very opposite of depressed, a feeling that was so full of joy and love for life that it literally altered the DNA, cells and molecular structure of the body. A woman said to be radiant sends out RAYS of joy and attracts to her more and more joy and whatever she sends out she get s back ten fold.

Her body transforms as she feels lighter and her hormones, cells and every molecule all respond to the energy she is in and can then work in her favor.

It’s a magical energy that most of us do not understand how it can create and transform us energetically on a physical level. BUT IT DOES …

Our body responds very, very well to energy and is a huge part of what shapes us and keeps us extremely well or makes us very sick.

There is nothing that responds faster than our body to what we think and feel.

The body produces neurotransmitters when we are in such a radiant state, that have the power to undo, vanquish and neutralize any depression and that sluggish heavy walking in treacle feeling and any feelings of lack, emptiness, of frustration and of being out of control and confused. All of these states go onto make us do certain unfavorable actions that do not benefit our overall health, weight or feelings of being energetic and loving life.

If you are a woman who feels she’s got lost somewhere back there and lost your lighter carefree attitude maybe after getting married, moving country, having a family, running your career to its point of success and greatness and you don’t understand the reasons you’ve gained weight and lost that high spirited girl that you were……. you are in need to an injection of radiance.

Join me on “Say Yes to Radiance” and see in 4 weeks what a difference a little or a lot of radiance can make

How much can you handle?

This is why you need Energy to get the body you want. Make that energy one of radiance.

Sadly when we grew up into women instead of the romance and a free fun life we dreamed of having as a young carefree girl, we got serious and pulled into the hard slog of work, family and responsibility for everyone and everything. We got lost

Radiance defies weight and transforms the heavy life and turns all of that around 180°

Radiance defies weight but also defies anger and all those heavy emotions that we can now learn to overcome that have us to holding onto anger, hurt, sadness, guilt and shame and as you shine brighter you can let go of the importance of the heavy stuff and what is really weighing you down.

When a woman does not experience radiance we don’t have the neurotransmitters to trigger and release the hormones that can keep us out of the danger zone of the killing stress hormones. Our body does things very differently under the influence of stress and is super jumpy and vigilant to the next disaster and danger. Our reptile brain is on FULL ALERT all the time and that is very dangerous to our health.

We start producing stress hormone like you have never imagined was possible, What s more we women take no notice of our own stress because you are so used to it and can just takes on so much and take it all in our stride.

There are naturally huge consequences, which I am sure you are now very well familiar with to having all that stress in your body. 

Ladies operate in a very particular fashion;

So often the first thing a lady does is we isolate ourselves and don’t talk about what bothers us, the best kept secret, we grow self doubt, self hatred and self condemnation.

All of which are prerequisites to – depression

Did you know that 1 in 4 women WILL experience depression in her life time and only 1 in 5 of those women will ever seek help for that depression.

Further more stress is the breeding ground for other ailments such as ;


Heart disease


Eating disorders are all consequences of a woman suffering in silence with her depression

Self deprecation triggers chemically in the body hormones that slowly and silently  killing us

Are you curious where the fun has gone?

Where is your lighter happier spirit?

There is an antidote and that is invite in your spirit and let her shine through and out of you. Become the woman you came here to be, having fun with life in a body that you love to be in and allows you to take part 100% in whatever you fancy.

The woman you dreamed you would be as a girl. She is still in you  … So lets go and get her?

I never liked myself enought to this before. Now I honestly like and get to love myself and so much has changed.


Turn on your radiant shine, brighter and brighter I dare you.

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