Your body speaks the truth to you.

I am going to be a bit vulnerable here and I hope that this will help some of you.

Since June this year I’ve had the strongest calling to share with you in my work as a Body Re-newer, how I get the results I get when I transformed my body and dropped 2 stone in 2 months, and how many, many clients have let go of physical weight and other physical symptoms that haunted them and that were causing them frustration and confusion for years.

The body never lies when she messages you with physical symptoms.

I had set my mind to tell you all about the inner working of the body and then my fearful mind tells me in her loud controlling voice saying ‘DON’T DO IT!’

That ladies won’t understand you, or how it’s done, and it’s too far from where they are struggling physically today, ladies don’t want to understand how the body works or her messages to them, they just want quick results. It’s all too different and too far out there. Don’t do it!

My heart sinks and I stop sharing the stuff that I want to say, that really works and gets a woman connected to her body and feels in charge of herself again.  

I put on hold giving you the real working details about the link between the mind and the body and how the Spirit is calling, calling, and calling to be heard showing you symptom after symptom that you have struggled with and that keep you awake at night.

But I feel you will understand, you see I have been there too and I struggled with sciatica and of course with weight and how confident I felt in my body, otherwise, I would not be assisting ladies to drop dress sizes and keep it off for good.

You see the body speaks the truth and she messages you the only way she can.

I feel so sad when I see and hear ladies struggling with something I know can be resolved simply, I feel so helpless that I can’t contribute and help her and that I hear her soul calling through her physical symptoms for assistance. I feel and hear the calling and get the messages delivered for each woman, yet I get stopped in my tracks, by the fear that I won’t be understood and it’s not what ladies want to hear.

The thing is no diet or food regime did the whole job of my dropping the 2 stone in 2 months, or for Val who dropped 5 stone or Zoe who wend down 10 belt holes, of course not! Or that fact that I managed after 6 months of crippling sciatica to releasing it in 1 Day after months of expensive osteopath, kinesiology and massage appointments.   I had assistance and understood the story I was mentally repeating that was forming this physical symptom, the energy I had chosen to stay in and the root cause behind my symptoms and what I needed to do next

So I have had to remind myself of the reason I’ve been following my calling to up-level my business direction and the practices of renewing the body that I have been teaching and using, and the unmistakable results I have experienced and seen over and over again.

I have to remind myself of the reason I am doing this in the first place and how I am putting my all into this and why it is so different from altering your nutrition yet again, restriction of food and the diet approach. Also how by using this method of working with the body and linking in the mental focus with energy, it has allowed for myself and my clients to attract the things we want into our life, not just the satisfaction of releasing physical heavy weight and dropping the 2 stone in 2 months.

This is all so different from the typical and standard ways of doing things in the mainstream when it comes to altering the body in the way you want, forcing diets and feeling deprived to have to stay eating so little and specialist foods, yet I have trusted and gone along with the whole process myself as it was laid out to me, and until now I have not been unable to share this fully and broadcast this in its entirety.


My very real fear of being misunderstood. That I would be rejected and it could all start in a witch-hunt in my direction.

Well that’s my sabotage self, coming forward to keep me safe and keep me hidden. We all have one, a sabotage self. And that’s mine from a long time and many moons ago.

I have talked and soothed my saboteur and I am ready to let this flow.

I have been doing this simple practice for the past 5 years and have just amplified this practice again recently and seen even greater results for myself and many clients who are doing this too.

I am sharing the Mind Body Spirit Link over 4 weeks in a simple program taking you through the 4 practices that transform the body when she is linked with a focused mind and reconnected to her spirit again. Then the links are complete and aligned and work extraordinarily well. all parts of the puzzle in place and allows this to be a very different experience with the body

The doors are open to experience this Mind, Body and Spirit Link for yourself ‘Say YES to Radiance’ To being who you are at your very best. Who you were meant to be and dropping the old version of you that pleases others, and carries so much around that is not needed now, its time to find yourself again and your purpose.

I have 5 ladies signed in already and I am ready to welcome you too, so that you can fully experience how easy and wonderful it is, to stand in your new energy that shapes your body and your entire world around you. It brings to you more than you could have ever imagined and much faster too, when you are focused in this way. Opportunities galore become a reality when you focus this towards what you want.

We will be looking at all of you. It’s all about YOU, because you matter.

We can ease you in gently over a 4 weeks introduction to what I know works 100%, so that you can be connected to who you came here to be and connect to your mind, body and soul and your unique purpose and take your place front and center stage and become the legend that you know you are.

This is how we will make a change for ourselves and for those around us who look up to us to be an example of a woman winning the world, It’s easier and more fun when we do this together.

With so much Love and better and endless possibilities.


Discovering what women want and creating it on purpose

Say Yes to Radiance see what is available for you when you choose to take care of yourself and create yourself as a strong phenomenal woman.

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