Inside-Wealth-Story - 30 Day Challenge

Why don’t I get what I say I want!” Jessica told me she had screamed inside. So much time and effort and such a small trickle of income coming my way. It hardly seems fair what am I doing wrong?

She considered herself to be a good woman, kind, generous and she’d got a good product that really made some radical shifts for her clients. Yet these were far too few.

Yet as Jessica sat at her desk for yet another start to her day not knowing what exactly to do next. Her head was all over the place and nothing concrete was calling her to be done.

Stilling her mind as I had taught her was now a practice she asked: “ What is my part in this today?”

In the next 30 minutes she received an insight and she felt the shift internally, she had been complaining and doubting herself, and in the back ground lay the overall question will this be the one article and post that does it, Will this be the post that gets traction and the floods of happy clients come in for me?

Her inner story she saw now too clearly was from doubt and searching for validation.

She’d never seen it so clearly, It was not very attractive energy to feel in her body and to be working from every day.

She knew here next step was to alter her inside story and decided to do the inner work what she learnt for herself was that she needed to move from:

How do I get seen?

Or how do I prove my value?

And get someone to buy from me?

To creating really strong foundations and come from a new inside wealth story of:

What if I share my story?

What if I am transparent and state my desired impact straight out?

What if I show the legacy I am creating and get straight in my head, my energy where I am truly coming from and why?

The reason I am telling you this story and why its important and relevant now, was that you get clear on what you want, and why you must do it, following your purpose becomes the only way and the whole dynamic changes inside you. Your inner story changes and you attracted in a stream of opportunities/clients for the same product you always sold.

Pivoting your wealth to something you are very happy with, all your outgoings are covered and still so much more to play with.

But far more important than the money you earn, was that you now had a way to approach all aspects of your business and life from Divine Guidance.

When your dominating thoughts change ( inside of you and what you tell yourself) the outer world responds to you in a different way.

She was connected to her higher self and purpose.

The dark frustrating phases we face are the ones that bring us in the light and we discover our inner power and potential. This is important and relevant because you’ve probably faced a similar set of circumstances and need to re write your inner Wealth Story.

Image in 30 Days feeling powerful and on track having build strong foundations in your thoughts and energy that radiate out and attract the right clients by the bucket load and all the opportunities you can imagine for yourself.

I want you to have that too and play on an entirely new level so that you get the magic happening, but that only happens when you change on the inside what you are telling yourself.

When I know something that transforms my and my clients business, I HAVE to share it with you.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce that my Inner Wealth Story Master training as a 30 DAY Personal Challenge.

I’m including 4 NEW Live Meetups each week to meet you and to hear your stories and how you are changing and levelling up each week…

It’s valued at over $999, but…

I’m opening it for ONLY $64 through 30 September. We start on 1st November

This has the power to change the trajectory of your business and life and I cannot wait to share it with you.Get all the details and join here.

I can’t wait to meet you and watch you play at this level.

Fiona x

So much Love


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