Put-your-order-into-the universe

Put your order into the universe…

I fumbled with the zip on my dress, getting all hot and bothered the day was here.

I wasn’t ready not nearly ready in my head to go and do this. Who on earth thought this would be a good idea?

I felt sick with worry that it may be a disaster and what would I do if it all went horribly wrong.

Two months before this fateful evening I was getting ready for my night out, a friend had asked me if I was ready to go dating as I’d been alone as a single mum for 5 years and wasn’t it time I got back out there?

I felt pressured and nervous who on earth could I meet who could tick all the boxes.

Here I was living in France and my language was not nearly good enough to have a conversation with a man I did nit know ? So I started to design the type of person I would really really like to meet. I put a lot of time and effort into this particular creation, I went into a lot of detail as I had my boys to consider too.

I was alone most of the time with my boys and coping well but it could be so much better and more fun. I refined my design and went ‘man shopping’ as my friend called it. My insides recoiled at the thought of shopping for a man but that’s the way its done now and a few friends had had great success with their matches. I resisted as my head was not fully aligned and in the game.

There was excitement though that came from the possibility of achieving what I had once considered beyond my reach, while the nerves and fears reminded me of what was at stake here.

Once I had finished dressing and was pushed hastily with a giggle out of the door by my friend and into my car, to drive into town to meet a complete stranger. All the way there I was feeling my heart in my mouth and constantly resiting my inside story and my dream idea of what this date would be like.

A few weeks later, sitting staring into my lover eyes back in 2015, I said to myself “I created him”, he ticks all the boxes of what I had as my inside story.

I’m so happy I applied this technique of the new ‘Internal Story’ to my life and business and I realised that the only one who can change anything in this life is me and the stories I tell myself.

Now here’s the thing, most people won’t do the inner work and decide what they really want to experience in business or in personal relationships. It matters not the experience you want to have only that the person who can make the changes you want to see in your life is most certainly without a doubt you.

If I hadn’t have taken the time to create and refine my design and created my vision of a partner, of now eight happy years, I would not be with such a man in my life and all the opportunities we now share together.

That was my dream that I had made happen.

Once I had decided what I wanted it all fell into place within a few days. Beautifully orchestrated to match my thoughts and feelings and Divine Guidance stepped in and found ways to make me notice this man and start talking to him online, this special someone who ticked all the boxes that I had on my detailed list, and I had created a long and somewhat complicated list, but I still got everything I wanted delivered.

That’s where I can help. I care so deeply about supporting you to create the best inside story, that sees your business and life fall into place just as you imagined it would. A radical shift from accepting the business, finances, people and opportunities that are left over and only whats available for you, to become the one who creates your future on purpose.

Doesn’t this sound more like something you’d’ love to experience and play at this level?

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