I manifested the best life I could imagine I had the good life, I had left the UK and I had the wonderful house in France, the partner and the 2 beautiful boys, my dreams had come all come true, just like my ‘perfect day’ scenario I had written years before. I lived somewhere I could feel I was on holiday 365 days a year. The climate, the mountains the sea, I had my boys and I now ran a busy DETOX retreat business from home, coaching and supporting women to detox physically, mentally and reconnect with their body spiritually, and it was going well supporting my family here in France. Everything was looking pretty damn perfect and greats on the outside.


But I noticed that I could not stop emotionally eating and drinking, at every opportunity and even secretly behind closed doors, and I was gaining weight, feeling sluggish and I had to force myself to eat healthy. And me the Detox Diva for goodness sake.

This was my thing, my identity all rolled up in a healthy body and life, yet I was struggling and I knew better than anyone else that it meant one thing, I was missing something and I had not been prepared to look at it yet….. So I was curious why me of all people could not stick to the simplest plan of eating healthy. I am no different to you and I know that every single person does some form of emotional eating or drinking, in fact my favorite saying is ‘Over eating or drinking, is just being fucked off, bored and your not in the relationship you fantasize about. ‘


SO I had to take a serious look and get real with myself. I had heard that weight would not shift until you deal with the emotional stuff, and that was what I had not been prepared to do.

My paradise was far from perfect and my living the good life was falling apart. A bit like the film and story of ‘Shirley Valentine’ you bring your crap with you. I did not want to admit to my family and friends that paradise was not so perfect after all.

This was not the happy family life or relationship I had fantasized about living in France. It seemed like my adventure was over.


My weight had definitely got my attention, I had stopped dancing, stopped going to the beach because of the fact that I was judging myself as not perfect enough to be seen, the harder I tried, the more effort I put in the worse it all got. I was in France and alone and unsupported and I worked long hours on my business, to support my family. Life had got way too serious and mundane, and I was settling and putting myself last on every list and I felt very resentful amongst other things.


What was I missing and what was I not prepared to look at. I felt trapped, I wanted to play more but I was the serious one working, earning, I could not move as I was the one needed to be responsible and care for the family. I felt like I was in a huge field of brambles for as far as you could see. I was moving and getting hooked and every movement forward just got me more tangled up.


I was resentful of the lack of time as a Mum when that was something I really valued and missed, as I was working so hard. I was angry at my partner for giving up. I was eating and drinking because I was truly fucked off, bored and NOT in the relationship I had fantasized about.

So there it was! NOW I had something to work on rather than paint a picture of happy families and hide the fact that I was utterly sad and disappointed.


So when I discovered how to clear up the past, the old energy lingering and influencing my food choices I was home free.

You see that, it is my belief and strong feeling, that it was my energy that was by far the first thing needing to be cleared up, (detoxed) so that I could influence my situation and life, my body, food choices and my career, so that I could live the life I had always fantasized about.

I had no intention of being left with a great list of intentions and fantasies that I never would see materialize… I could have let my life crumble when life got in the way. (and I did for a while) Life has a way of always getting in the way and always will until our vibration is so high that you can step over it. I stepped out of the brambles pulling me down, the sticky mud, the cage, and have never looked back.


Let me take you there.



♥ Diet and Food obsession.
♥ Humiliation, worry, guilt, shame, and regret.
♥ Yo-yo dieting.
♥ Feeling crazy cravings for food.
♥ Never feeling good or full enough.

♥ Eating when not hungry.
♥ Binging and restricting.
♥ Low self esteem and no sense of self

♥ Hiding yourself away because of body insecurities.
I want to share this with you in a ‘Breakthrough your Triggers that Keep you Battling with your Food and Weight’ on a 20 minute one to one call with me, where I will be sharing the ONE crucial element that allowed me to reconstruct a body I feel proud of.


When you have had enough and want to know the deeper understanding, the truth behind, fat and sugar cravings, weight, physical symptoms and pains ask to have a call with me. See how you can reconstruct your body from the inside out.


You’ll get…

1. To discover what is blocking and stopping your weight loss and food cravings

  1. Uncover your NO 1 Trigger to overeating
    3. Realize what your key missing nutrient is that your body is screaming for.

I look forward to meeting you soon on a call that will set you straight.


Fiona Robertson

Body Whisperer


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