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“What am I doing wrong here?“

“I don’t want to live like this any more“

Jemima was off her game, up to her ears in debt and felt so lost as to what to do next. Watching herself spin out of control with her mind racing in panic. Her brain was on over drive and each night she fell asleep early on the settee, only to wake and not fall back to sleep, because her mind was on vigilant and desperately trying to come up with the one solution that would save her from being kicked out of her flat.
Fear and logical thoughts of ‘I must do this. No, I’ll do this first that will work,’ stopped her dead in her tracks and just running round in circles.
Not a fan of asking for help she tried to work through what she was doing wrong? Sadly for Jemima this internal story of thinking and believing she was getting it all wrong, were her arch nemesis.
Little did she know at this moment, that this very situation she found herself in, was actually the best gift the Spirit world could give her.
This was her defining moment from the despair she would see what was needed and what she was being asked to do, so that she would rise like a phoenix from her own making.
As I listened to Jemimas story on our first call, which was all too familiar of omen spinning in circles, I could literally feel her despair in my body, she held her breath and felt suffocated and frantically clawed at the air around her energetically. I knew she had an internal story behind the story she was telling me because I felt it.
That would be at the crux of her becoming a woman winning with the world from now on.
I asked her the prime questions – that gave me all the information I needed to feel into her situation and be able to show her how to get what she wanted instead and so deeply.
So why am I telling you this?
Deciding to take control of your mind that has gotten out of hand and is taking you down a dark path is a life & business changing choice.
Its important and really relevant that I share with you that Divine Guidance is not always about that poof and everything will be alright moment, and from those sweet meditations, but sometimes in the horrible and desperate phases when you say ‘you don’t want to live like this any more’.
That was what all of my clients experienced in a moment that shook them to the core, which was perfect to get their attention to show you what you were thinking about yourself, and how that affected and infludnced the air around you.
That’s also how Divine Guidance works. In all the mysterious ways.
As a teacher of how to connect with the Spirt World and receive guidance, I specialise in guiding individuals through their own potent dark moments and turning points.
I’ve been through the darkest moments myself, so I understand the overwhelming self-doubt and fear that can come with breaking free from the constant self hate and disappointment that nothings working out.
But I also know that these moments of crisis and screaming for help will be the catalyst for profound guidance to come through and brig about change in your circumstances
I’ve witnessed countless women have their ‘aha’ moments on the journey to soul connection and know that they are receiving guidance.
As your teacher and coach, we navigate the challenges together, replace the old inside story of self-criticism with that of self-knowledge and inner power, and develop the ability to listen and ask for divine guidance at any point to build a life and business, getting those million dollar ideas you could never have come up yourself with in a month of Sundays.
If you’re looking to connect with the Spirit World and receive your own guidance, need support from beyond, and answers to your burning questions reach out to me.
Your decision to seek help will the turning point that saves your business and creates a life you love all on purpose….
Your ‘aha’ moments from divine guidance are waiting.
DM the words ‘My Inside Story’ to begin a short taster and explore what your own transition to connect with the Spirit world and know your soul might look like. and Ill send you all the detials you need.
Are you curious to know what working with me would look like?
Send me a DM to and lets get you recieving guidance and integrating in intuition into your life

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