Freedom-time-out-walking-to ckear -your-head-for Divine-Guidance

“FREEDOM” that cry of liberty and the euphoric feeling of travelling again with just a ruck sac on my back, not a care in the world just moving forwards.

For a fair few months I’ve been planning and moderately training for a hike along the Santiago Du Compostela again. Another stage of 7 days.
I have trained most weeks with a few longish hikes but probably not long enough I tell myself, maybe I am not fit enough physically, but am I worried? No!
In a few days I will pack my stuff and leave and have set up the who feeds the dog, chickens and fish. I will start and walk like a nomad to the next rest stop, sleep and start again each day for seven days. Then all too soon its all over and finished a brief space to take time out from overthinking and analysing my day job as a mum, in business for myself and my house stuff like washing machines breaking down and digging down to the foundations, and will anyone pick the tomatoes or water my plants?
I’m not worried because here is the thing I do. Ive trained my brain to be fit and flexible and have the stamina I need and have me enjoy every single day that I walk.
Years ago I realised that when I create the best story in my head about what ever I am facing, it literally always works out super well for me. Ive coined the phrase Practical Magic for this ability to create my life the way I want, and be divinely guided as the right people and circumstances show up.
The mental fitness of the story in my head will be the priceless and essential training that is required to turn my hike into a gentle walk, and is the exact same principle for your business to turn around, as you start seeing and believing that you are working half the time and earning double the income. Which may seem logically never going to happen without a lot of work and effort and maybe have you feeling that you are not doing enough to make it successful, but its just the same process as my hike, once you get your head in the game the world beyond brings you the ease you requested and works far better for you.
So here’s the thing…
You don’t need to have to effert and struggle forever, what you do need to do is forget everything you thought you knew about your business and set that aside.
The problem is not the advertising the endless marketing its you and the story you tell yourself in your head.
This is good news for you. Because the universe will support you once you have a new inside story. The world literally bends to bring you what you think and feel. You are that powerful.
There is always so much more to be known and far more support available from within than you realise.
If you would like to know what it would be like to receive such a clrear and enrgetic aligned inside story for yourself, about your business and life and you want to connect with the ways the Spirit world would run your business with you based on the story i hyour head – I have the perfect events for you …
This circle of fabulous souls will embark on a journey on 1st November to craft a new internal story that fits their business perfectly, and watch as they are all guided and go beyond what they ever thought was possible.

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