There is a huge difference between pushing your business to succeed and being connected and soul led receiving guidance that brings success to you.


Help me out here….I can’t sit still I’m irritated beyond belief, I want-to hit something from my complete frustration rising up again. I couldn’t sit there a moment longer. I was begging for help as I ran from the office. I am asking for something or someone to just show me the way.

Not another coach with another strategy for marketing my business, or Facebook ads promising the solution, or a system to track my results.

That’s when it hit me just as I was running and shouting out my frustration, I stopped dead in my tracks.

If I only do and think what everyone else is doing and thinking, I can only get and think what everyone else is getting and thinking”

That’s not enough for me, I want more a new way of operating in my business.

This was my Divine Guidance helping me out…..leading me to see that all the pushing, and all the best strategies in the world were sucking my soul dry. It did not work for me, and would never because its too much from my head and all that thinking and analysing just feels so wrong.

That stayed with me as I prepared my space to connect with the Spirit world and call in assistance to guide me and lead my business beyond what I believed was possible

I would find a way that’s better suited to me and would feel so so good, that Id happily work all day and night because it excited me, and I had no doubt in this because it came from divine guidance in that quiet focussed no thinking space.

I knew that nothing good came from over thinking, I had been spinning in thoughts and trying to work out what was wrong. Thankfully my soul led me back to connecting with my intuition, re-defining what I really really wanted out of my business and life and listening at a deeper level. This would become my inner wealth story. Because, I’d been pulled down too many rabbit holes that took me no where. It was time to get my head to step out of the way and call in the power of Divine Guidance.

And here’s the magical thing, that once I had decided to re write my inside story, I became clear again on the bigger picture I was to play and soul led. I noticed the messages the overall vision source had for my business, and the events I was to run, the clients I was to assist and the money coming in that I was to focus on. That led me to earning my best months ever and exactly how Id imagined it all to feel.

I attracted the audience that matched my exact description of the one I loved to work with, and they loved the programs they bought for Divine Guidance tp assist them.

Building up my inside wealth story and maintaining that over a period of time was a game changer, and will be exactly the same process for you as you create a new version of the business and wealth you want to create calling in your intuitive state to guide you.

It will feel weird and daunting, especially at the beginning with so little practice on your focus on wealth, and bending your mind to pay attention to your most dominant thoughts.

Because as yet you don’t have the expertise of being internally conscious of the ways you are thinking but you will, and the rewards for you of going on that inside journey will be nothing more than great.

Receiving your own divine guidance, for a soul led business that bring you closer than ever to making an impact and growing your business just as I did.

I teach these exact steps that get you these precious intuitive insights coming in as divine guidance moments for yourself.

I teach people who are ready to change their way of operating the exact steps that delivers to you to the soul led business, showing you the way to alter the trajectory of your business.

I Invite you on your own journey for 30 Days to connects with the Spirit world and to receive divine guidance for yourself that will direct you to create more impact, influence and income for yourself.

The difference between pushing and operating with intuition begins with the Inner wealth story. Decide what you want and let divine guidance show the way to get it.

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