Firstly, to swap Carbonated water for a good still water source.

Our blood and all our systems for that matter thrive in a alkaline environment that is around pH 7.35. We function best when our body is alkaline and can flush our bodies with pure uncontaminated water to flush away toxins and acidity that has built up from our acidic environments such as Physical exertion = Lactic acid, Lack of excersie = Carbonic acid, Stress and anger = Hydrochloric acid, Coffee, tea and red wine = Tannic acid, Sweets and white flour products = Acetic acid and Meat products = Uric acid.

Carbonated water is acidic as are soft drinks = Phosphoric acid. So adding anything acidic will make us more acidic and deplete our alkaline environment. Making our kidneys work even harder to flush out the acidity and return us to an alkaline state where we will flourish.

Pure water- still eater that is bottled that has a slightly more alkaline reading and one that has a dry residue reading of less that 100mg l. is best to flush our body with. The fewer minerals we consume by the water having a low dry residue reading the better as the kidneys work hard to filter these minerals out. The kidneys work non-stop to keep our blood at 7.35 pH. So why would we want to stress them further with working even harder than they are already. As for tap water this is normally proceed chemically before it comes into our house for drinking. However lots of these contaminants slip through these filters and are still evident in our tap water. Tap water can have up to 700 chemicals in it as well as residue of medicines and hormones. Which the kidneys’ again have to filter out.

Secondly, Add more fiber to your diet

Fiber is essential to our digestion process for it to work efficiently. We need a minimum of 50 g of good fiber a day of both Soluble and in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel that soaks up cholesterol and stabilizes blood sugar levels. This can be found in Oats, Apples and Pysyllium ( BTW the main ingredient of my Home Detox Box and the 7 day detox program I run)

Insoluble fiber acts as a brush sweeping away the digestive waste to cleanse the digestive tract and to add bulk to your stool. Cereals, nuts and vegetables provide the insoluble fiber.

A high fiber diet can be achieved by adding fruits and vegetable and whole grains in their raw form, with the skins intact with their husks intact. Like whole rice, whole grain cereals.
All processed foods that are white have been stripped of their valuable fiber content.

A first simple step is to look at the packaging and choose a high fiber breakfast cereal such as All Bran over Corn flakes, or alternatively add more raw foods into your diet. Choose to take a Phsyllium husk powder that has soluble and insoluble fiber to add in the necessary fiber to your day.

Swap Bread of Nori Rolls and Rice Wraps.

In our current culture we are habitually filling up on a wheat based meal or snack in which to hold or contain some other ingredient. The Sandwich has swept the world and are the staple source of food for most lunches if not added with most meals Most of these breads are highly processed forms of wheat which means all the good fibre had been removed as well as the germ ( the actual good and living part ) so that we are left with the white flour that has a longer shelf life. This is the gluten part and you can remember it with the saying glue x 10. When we mix flour and water it makes a glue and will stick all our insides together this glue and cause all sorts of problems like constipation, IBS, brain fog, bloated tummy as well as making us extremely tired just after we have eaten it.

Alternative and interesting options to contain your salad lunch would be the Nori Roll, These are sheets that are made form seaweed and are most well known for sushi. The seaweed is an excellent source of nutrients and full of minerals that we can absorb and are seldom found in vegetables grown on land.
It has a high iodine content which is needed to produce thyroid hormones which control our metabolism.
The second alternative is the Rice Wrap, made from 100{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} rice and water this sheet can be manipulated when wet into creating a roll that can easily hold delicious vegetables and salad combinations.

These both make an exotic and healthy choice for lunch or dinner

On my detox work shops I teach you how to make these as well as the whole food dipping sauces like sweet chili sauce, Yum

Fiona Robertson

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