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How many times have you tried to give up something especially Sugar?

I bet that was a struggle right, How long did that last?

Did you know that it takes just 3 days to break a sugar craving…

However as you may know it takes a little longer to dissolve away a mental need for sugar and the crazy cravings you get, which are your fault

More often than not these crazy cravings come from your mental needs and not your physical needs.

Interesting right ?…. So all we need to do is re wire your brain so that it no longer needs the sugar.

How do I do that Fiona? I hear you ask

There is a really BAD way to go SUGAR FREE

There are those who go ‘cold turkey’ and give up sugar in a day – I mean everything from candy to bread and soda pop and everything in between, all carbohydrates like pasta, potatoes and rice too and don’t last more than 2 days because their whole fuel supply has been cut off at the source. Then you bet your body will crave sugar like a demon because she is starving and empty.

You also give up sugar without considering what that does to the gut bacteria, who have been fed sugar and learned to live off sugar as her only fuel. The gut then protests and send off signals of her fuel source being stopped by producing lots and lots of gas. You feel so bloated and uncomfortable let alone embarrassed as you have serious wind now too.

And there is a better way to go SUGAR FREE

Firstly if you take care of the mind, who uses a ton of your valuable energy every day in unnecessary reactions like: over thinking, stress, deadlines, confrontations, worry and fears. By learning simple techniques that diffuse a lot of your external pressures you will have removed the drain on your vital energy resources.

Then in addition to that you give your body and mind access to the fuel you have already stored in your body and use what is already available within the energy cells by releasing the hormones who have the keys to access these cells and use the stores energy rather than crave sugar -then you become a real winner at going Sugar Free.

Secondly when you replace the fuel your body CAN USE EFFECTIVELY by knowing your personal Body Code and the exact fuel system best for you. You have access to far better source of fuel that fits your personal needs ( there are 3 ways to go here ) for a fuel that is longer lasting and gives you access to so much more real energy and has far, far less damaging side effects on your health and body.

When I discovered this I lost pounds so quickly and had so much energy I wanted to go out and spend my energy. I have ladies who work with me telling me the same stories every week and other 2lbs down and so much energy.

That’s why I have put together a 7 Day SUGAR FREE eating challenge that will tech you the techniques that re wire your brain and give you access r-into eh energy cells where the stored energy is as FAT.

To join in follow the link and read all about it and step up to learn these techniques that saved the day and dropped dress sizes in weeks.


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