When you decide what it is that you really want and are open to let Divine Guidance show you how to get it.
In 2004 I’d arrived in France ( also guided )
No Job
No French
No ideas how to support my family
I had put my order in as an internal story into the universe by knowing exactly what I wanted, by describing a life living in a location between mountains and sea. France became my home where I wanted to enjoy my family and the stunning surrounding countryside and beaches and weather.
I had written this all down two years before and was in the process of refining it a bit more especially now that I was here and I was living in France, and now I wanted to be able to support my family.
I altered the story I was telling myself on the inside and so I felt extremly happy and satisfied that it was on its way to me. I was practicing what I preached.
In a moment of silence as I was with my one month old son in the garden watching him fall asleep, I got My answer: My whole body told me that I was getting a down load that I was being guided.
I waited and watched as images and information filled my head
I saw it, and got impressions of the products that would support my family for 15 years and give me a steadily growing income until I reached those glorious 150K years.
The Home Detox Box was conceived in an instant and I could not stop until it was truly born. I was excited driven and supported. From that one brilliant idea and Divinely Guided glorious moment I was divenly supported with over 100K years for 15 years.
Are you ready to recieve your unique divine guidance and not follow the cookie cutter stratagy that everyone else is using???
Be unique
Be different
Be you
I believe we all have unique ways to bring our product or service to the market all we have to do is learn to really listen.
You have One brillinat idea
You are One woman
You have One divine vision and mission
Not many people make time to write down their stories of what they want and so stories get lost or forgotten and nothing comes of them.
When I teach you to write your stories I feel I’m giving you as a client something incredibly special, not just for you but for your audience and clients, and family too
Together we will picture the story you’ve written coming to life.
Together we imagine the story being told at a dinner party letting people in on your secret magic sauce for living your best life.
If you have a business that you want to reach hearts and souls of your auduence and bring them the transfromations and changes they deserve, and that you are uniquly placed to do and you’d like to investigate creating your internal story to become powerfully impactful and have an idea come to life read on…..
I teach people who are ready to change their stories that aren’t serving them, and the exact steps that delivers to you the divine guidance, altering the trajectory of your business and life, that match your inside story.
Want to know what having me as your personal guide looks like?
I have created a beautiful soul circle crafting your dream business and life with, meditating, breath work, lifting off out of the realms of doubt or stagnant beliefs and receiving guidance together, all within the incubator to receive Divine Guidance.
You can DM me for a consultation on just what happens when you open to being guided.
We will use many powerful tools including the Spiritual guidance being intuitively guided as we receive how best to operate through any sticky parts.
You will simple declare what you want as your inside story and let spirit show you the way to get it.
I Invite you on your own journey as a personal challenge to receive divine guidance for yourself as you perfect your inside story, that will see you create more impact, influence and income for you.
So much love
Fiona Robertson –
Here are some of my divinely guided business ideas:
Home detox box – 7 day diy detox to connect with your soul
Retreat Biarritz – detox for your soul
Body Whisperer – overcoming over eating.
Body fit for your soul – coming home as spirit
Integrating intuition into life – with Practical Magic .
Vision Source Business Readings – Business pshycic readings
Practical Magic – The Book and courses – clear away what not working
Dragons Cards – 64 messages – how to live in higher frequencies as a human work, driving, and doing the dishes

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