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How To Let Your Own Guidance Through – Which Can Bring Good Surprises

Intuitive-psychic- Reading-for-your-business
Speaking to Melissa on the zoom call in 2020 we were discussing the course she ran in her group. Suddenly I had a strange floaty feeling come over me, as the words came out of my mouth …
“I can do readings for the ladies in your business group!”
I laughed out loud as she said “Great idea Fiona, when can you start?” … I took a sharp inhale of breath knowing it wasn’t me who had spoken not fully anyway, and I argued saying I don’t do that, as is my habit with the Divine guidance that I am often given.
“I don’t do readings I’m no mystic Meg or Psychic Pippa”.
Then the answer to that came back slowly and evenly………
“Its not you who does it Fiona, step out of your own way.”
There is always so much more to be known and far more support available from within than we realise.
If you would like to know what it would be like to receive divine guidance like this for yourself and you want to connect with the ways Spirit would run your business with you – I have the perfect event for you
I have created a beautiful circle forming on 1st November to spend 30 Days crafting your dream business, meditating, breath work, lifting off out of the realms of doubt or stagnant beliefs and receiving guidance together, all within the incubator to receive Divine Guidance.
We will use many powerful tools including the Dragons messages on how to operate as a human integrting intuition and ancient spiritual kowledge from the mystical realms. These Dragon cards were channelled through the eight cosmic dragons.
You will simple declare what you want and let spirit show you the way to get it.
My main focus in October is my relationship with yourself and developing a strong soul and spirit connection coaching, but when I received a sacred message to share the way of the spirit realms to get guidance I followed the light and the nudges. I took action. In the process I have reclaimed a most joyful loving inspired flash of what business wants to look like.
This is the most exciting journey yet that sees you supported feeling the LoVe that’s available and letting your mind go blank for your guidance to show up and show you the way.
I play with the Spirit realms and these wise Dragons daily and ask for my part in the creation of what they want to bring to earth you will be next.
Guided and translating the vibrational language from beyond because you need to hear this too.”

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