Are you running a business and life without accessing your most powerful tools?

In the Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs school, you will be amplifying your intuitive gifts so that you can effortlessly unlock the portal to the next level of your soul-aligned, spiritually assisted success story, flowing easily with your SOUL PURPOSE.

You will:

Radically upgrade your energy to that of the frequency of prosperity and attract in your soul clients

Hear your preferred clients calling to you with exactly what they want and what you can offer them

Get clarity on your best intuitive gifts and how your soul is ready willing and able to assist you in all matters of business, health and create a life you love with greater ease and flow.

Many of us use our intuitive gifts but leave a huge amount of our potential power untapped

It’s not your fault!

You were never shown how to access that part of yourself or even what questions you could ask or how.

You don’t know what you don’t know – I get that, and that is why you have just been just tickling at the surface of what is a huge untapped potential available to you, which is like Practical Magic flowing through your fingertips when you know how to engage your Soul Assistant fully.

Without doing this investigative work to get you into your FLOW as soul intended for you so that you can recognize your intuition and feminine whiles ignited and leading you forwards effortlessly, you will no doubt continue to effort and struggle, with worry about the future and be stuck in a pattern of the hundreds of sabotage tricks that block you daily. All because you are not stepping into your flow when you are running your business, and have not engaged your most valuable asset and tool which is your Soul Assistant.

This SOUL ASSISTED ENTREPRENEURS SCHOOL is a 12-month membership course that will dramatically challenge your current thinking, and see you create your NEW reality and EMBODY the calm, secure, strong, and sassy inner woman that you are deep – deep down. The true you when you are partnered and aligned listening to your own soul.

It all starts with you becoming a clear channel allowing you to experience a world of difference in your business day.

Clarity on your Soul Purpose and discovering how to adjust your Focus so that you can begin to create a business and life you LOVE. Spending more time in energy and in the creation zone than on effort and overthinking. Meaning you feel you are happily working half the time and receive twice as much in the way of opportunities and rewards.

In the Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs School as a VALUED MEMBER, you will receive £100,000 of value from every video course and every online challenge I’ve ever done will be made available to you from: The Body Radiant Energy & Alignment Course, Your Body Code Program, Detox for the Soul online Retreat, Body whispering video’s, Partnering with the SOUL to receive more PRACTICAL MAGIC than you can imagine. Tips techniques and Challenges to keep you aligned to your soul.

You will get reduced rates on future Courses this year and planned challenges that will set the stage for a whole new era of vibrational business, health, and life that rock your world.

I will appear LIVE and be available to answer questions about how to engage more with your soul, higher self, and WISE INNER YOU in whatever domain you desire. I will watch and celebrate with you as you change your identity and step out of your old self and into who you are becoming on this journey with your soul.

You will learn tips and techniques on how to ask your soul for assistance and get strong responses over and over again.

Here is to all soul sisters benefiting from:

Becoming strong, confident, and sassy beyond measure,

Radically empowered business owners who become leaders,

Living in a body that protects and supports you for optimal energy & health

Support, friendship, and inspiration to walk on a brand NEW PATH following your own soul’s guidance.

I am incredibly honored and can’t wait to meet you on the inside of The Soul Assisted Entrepreneurs School.

All Founding members (From Sept 2021) can access a myriad of :

Video tutorials, tips, and techniques

Video online Courses




and Personal support from me on your journey with becoming soul.

Weekly Virtual Meetups

Members Spotlight

Members visibility and in the LOVE seat

Facebook Community

Annual Business, Health and Life RETREAT (VIRTUAL)

What could be better than that – OMG so much more is waiting for you to experience and LOVE, in WORK REST AND PLAY You get to control your destiny and create what you desire.

You deserve to live a life you LOVE run a business that is your soul purpose and get guidance every step of the way from the spirit and unseen realms, be truly OPEN TO RECEIVE your best creations that your soul has ready and waiting for you

This is not where you ask the cards or pendulum or someone else who hardly knows you for answers or use any tools outside of yourself for direction and get back vague answers.

This is a strongly felt and known inside SOUL ASSISTED job, where you get to KNOW and TRUST wholeheartedly who you are, and the beauty you are as a soul, accepting and following the guidance you are given in every moment, and that is Practical Magic

Where will you be ready to ditch the old business models and get effortless ideas that excite you that are far easier and far more lucrative than the hard work and effort that drains your energy and sucks your soul dry.

Multi-talented Soul Sisters from around the globe your support is available here: Price is set Until September when school opens with a radical new challenge for the first trimester…….


£640.00 for the whole year

Or £64.00 per month.

When you register and sign up

You will be sent your personal membership approval,

Link to Zoom classes and support for you literally on every level

Tune in Meditations for daily use to raise your vibration

Access to online courses and challenges

Facebook group for SOUL SISTER support

OPTIONAL EXTRA‘S: available in the VIP premier Program

The Finishing School for Soul Assisted Women

DETOX FOR YOUR SOUL – cleansing and clearing the body with the Home Detox Box Program online

DEEP DIVE and clear that emotional charge with an exorcism clear & let go of what you are still hanging onto that is blocking your route to FREEDOM emotional charge such as Rage, Sadness, Hurt, Injustice, Guilt and Shame, Anger, Rejection, Fear and Blame.

RETREAT in France Raise your Vibration exponentially with a ceremony to marry your soul frequency, vibration and step into that essence