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This is for you if you are not quite sure how to handle yourself as a soul gifts and talents of natural gut instincts and receiving divine guidance, and want to tell the difference between your mind and your soul talking to you.

When you feel like you’d like to dip your toe in the pool of being guided before you jump straight in then this is for you.

I have created a gentle landing for you, with a powerful outcome within this bundle of over 8 hours of videos, simultaneously working on your beautiful mind, super sensing intelligent body and higher self as soul reaching beyoindinto the realms of spirit and divine guidance.

Activating you so that you will be guided to feel safe meanig you can play full out in life and business feeling phenomenally strong so that no ones criticism, judgement, any dramas or situations get in your way from now on, and you can let your soul integrate into your life and assist you from now on.

You will reach parts of you that you have never reached before and know answers to what you’ve pondered for years.

I believe everyone is a talented intuitive and receiving signs they can trust that propel them forwards and these should never be wasted.
The signs and messages can be nurtured, valued and encouraged to reaching the parts of you that no coach, action or strategy has ever reached before as your fullest potential.

I have been guided more times than I can recall that got me out of serious trouble and saw me get guidance to know how to create houses, a business, recover from health scares and welcome renewed relationships that mirrored thois of my dreams all into my life.

You are far too precsious to struggle a moment longer with what life is throwing at you, and that’s why I help and work with spiritual women to see them embrace their soul as the most powerful super strength, and play a bigger game in life and business, to never settle for mediocre and feel confident at the leading edge moving forwards with grace and ease.


Pre school to living as SOUL ASSISTED – is a unique set of exercises, attunements and journaling questions that help you see your power inside you dormant and awakening.

To seeing you get guidance for yourself, to show you that you are talented intuitive and are capable of receiving signs that you can trust.


This is a set of powerful classes from the first trimester of my Soul Assisted School – A Course in Practical Magic which is a complete course in developing soul assistance. And you are about to get a powerful insight

You receive a coherent section ( that speaks directly to your soul) to complete the souls understanding of how to operate in the 3D nightmares, dramas and soul interventions to be recognised as calling you back home. You will have new tools and know how to alter your trajectory back on course and towards the higher states of consciousness where you are soul connected and assisted.

This a the best slow way to introduce yourself to the world of soul and spirit. To go at your own pace. and get ready to leap into the enlightened higher conscious journey that waits you and where your soul is calling you to meet here.


What you’ll get:

Journal questions – pdf

How to Activate Divine Guidance for yourself– pdf

Powerful Soul Linking Meditation – Audio

Attunements – Audio

Experience a shift in vibration and frequency Stressed to safe – video

Experience getting guidance for yourself

Door way meditations – video

Feeling into your Yes and No – video

Amplify your experience 50% – video

BONUS material :

Midas Touch set of 6 videos to talk to your mind

Open your channels to aligned action increase income improved manifesting set of 5 videos consciously deciding how to live life.

I am ready to work alongside my soul and the spirit realms and accept my guidance. All yours for 64.00