How to start your detox at home, E Book

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How to start your Detox at Home,

This is a mini guide and easy way to introduce you to starting a detox from home.

My aim is that you can begin to make some simple changes at home for yourself, before you take the next step and order your Home Detox Box and start an internal cellular cleanse. Acting on your best behalf for your mind, body and soul.

When you start and prepare yourself for a detox phase you will experience far fewer detox symptoms, like headaches and tired spells and begin to feel great, you will see instant benefits from a few simple up grades. Its more about what you put in, than what you must take out of your daily intake.

I prepare you mentally and physically for a time when you can have more energy than you thought was possible, feel what its like to be free from excess weight and confused thoughts and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

This is a simple and easy way to introduce you into a phase and the experience of detoxing, and the feeling of getting better, day by day.

The booklet includes simple recipes to make and a week of small changes. Easily manageable even in the busiest of days.

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Fiona Robertson.

This is a comprehensive E book to get you started at home, right now, today with your DETOX and to cleans your cellular and tissue system, You will be boosting your immune system and as well unlocking your intuition. As the cells tissues and glands get decalcified frrom the toxins and debris and waster accumulated your pineal gland gets decalcified allowing a reliable bridge from the physical to the spiritual worlds. Speeding up the process of healing in remarkqable ways speeding up the messages and information recieved to the brain from the body, and making you aware of your natural instincts and intuition in action, all rising to the surface in easy and rapid ways you can now understand.

A detox is the Number one fastest and most reliable of ways to enhance your physical and mental health highlighting your intuition and make direct connections via your soul to the spirit worlds. You will move rapidly shedding the 3D skin and enter into the magical ways of understanding the frequencies of the 5D realms, where practical solutions come at a rapid pace to regularly provide solutions to daily problems.

THis starter booklet is full of ideas, planning and what to add in and what to avoid to enhance your initial detox experience.

A great idea for when you want to use the Home Detox Box, which is my 7 day Home Detox Kit, wxhere you can be guided through a detox that sees you clean and clear in just a few days abd an excellent transition before you come on the Detox For your Soul Retreat here in Biarritz, SW France as a break from the norm and a raise your standards in all areas of your life You will go holme a new woiman


Letrs get started today and tight away


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Fiona Robertson