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Welcome, I am so excited to start working with you in Peace with Food. This course will turn your body and relationship with food around 180°,  just as it did for me and 100’s of other women when we discovered how to have Peace with Food and with ourselves.

You deserve to have a love affair with your food, to love your self and your body 200 % more than you do today, without constantly dieting and blaming food for your physical state.

Fiona Robertson

Body Renewer extraordinaire

It’s time to get really honest about the biggest barrier to your success with how you feel in your body. Because it has nothing to do with the food alone, or the lack of time, or being so exhausted and the kids and loved ones demanding all of your attention, these aren’t to blame.

The biggest barrier to your success with your body, your food and your weight has been your stress levels, so you see it’s not your fault.

Until learning to consciously choose your circumstances, and live your success, like most people, you’ll go day to day repeating the exact same thoughts that you’ve been harbouring for weeks, months, years and even decades, that are causing your stress levels to go through the roof. And even as you work actively to improve yourself, you will likely forget how important it is to accept yourself and find peace with yourself first.

There is nothing as responsive than your body to your thoughts and feelings.

Over the next weeks following peace with food you will become aware of:

  • your thoughts
  • how stressed you feel
  • how relaxed you feel
  • become conscious of what you are creating  by your stress level
  • what you have created from stress
  • Be aware of how you will go on to create if you stay in stress,
  • what has you craving certain foods
  • what triggers you to reach for food
  • how to turn off a craving
  • what has you feeling so fulfilled, that food seems to be a poor choice in the grand scheme of things.

All of this comes from first having a sense of peace in your body and a peace with food.

There are 3 reasons that are blocking your body from releasing fat from the body and these come from Stress, Scarcity and Stagnant energy.

We will be concentrating on one of the most influential aspects with this Peace with Food course and that is releasing STRESS from the body.

Using the technique correctly that I am about to teach you. You will quickly and effortlessly be able to successfully reduce your stress levels in any situation at a moments notice. Which will have a profound effect on all of your food choices and on your physical body.

This programme was created for those who want to truly master this technique because, once you have mastered it, your body will thank you by responding to your gentle commands if you continue to use it in the way that I coach. You will have a brand new relationship with food and everything else as well.

How to eliminate what has blocked and stopped you before.

Know this that the what if ? becomes your biggest enemy as you continue to ask questions like:

What if this does not work for me?

What if I am not meant to succeed?

What f I do it all wrong?

What if nothing happens?

Together with your physical senses and instincts, you can easily believe that nothing is working, but let me be clear, just because you cannot see the physical results happening, the weight not dropping it does not mean that it is not working on a deeper level. Remember it took some time repeating your thoughts and having your level of stressed life, to create the body you see in front of you today.

You are following a proven system based on the human psychology of eating, emotional desire and your innate tendencies, and everything that you do is working to build the foundations from your cells up, your metabolism, your hormones levels, digestion system and the energetic release of what no longer serves you.

And so it is only ever the case of looking to master your skills even more, be more consistent that you can make it work better and faster.

Every one of these “What if” questions and instincts, is simply a case of fear and doubt, being voiced by your inner victim and wimp (based on your ego who has spent a lifetime protecting you, making judgments based on physical senses and your survival instincts) and almost all come back to fears of being judged, fear of not being good enough, fear of looking foolish and fear of letting people down ( yourself and others ) triggering your stress levels and emotional use of food and eating habits.

So if your ready to set yourself free, consider this and turn your self around 180° and start by saying

What if this does work for me?

What if I am worth it?

What if I am good enough?

What if people love me?

What if I thrive?

How does that feel? better?

Testimonial for the Peace with food course

Alicia: This week was a very special week for me? It was a great pleasure and a major ‘turning point’ in my life. Thank you so much I never knew how much stress I was carrying around everywhere.

Helen: It has all been so revealing and the final gentle ‘push’ I needed. I mean the whole experience woke me up to how I am with everything. Ive had my eyes opened, to not just my relationship with food but every single relationship I have.

Aisling: From the moment I started I could see how I felt inside and how unsafe I felt. and how that made me react to everything, how I ate and how I operated with others. Thank you so much, this is revolutionised my life.

Nelly: This for me was habit changing. I see I have choices about how I feel, and that I alone know what is best for me, and whats more now I can feel it. Thank you so much for this tiny and yet the most colossal shift. I have my instincts back.

Video course Peace with Food

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

If you have any comments, concerns or question please post them in the Peace with Food group and I will answer these here. Your journey with food and finding peace again in your body can help others to do the same.

I am here cheering you on as you become easy in your body and find a love affair with food without ever contemplating another diet ever again.

Fiona Robertson

Body Re-newer extraordinaire.

Where do I go from here?

I am always so sad when I see women struggling with food the way I did, that’s why I have made it my mission to teach women how to eat again, ditch the diet and all of the overthinking and obsessing about food.

Most women that I speak to already believe they know exactly what they have to do to lose weight. That is to reduce their intake and move more, and that there will be no gain without some pain.

However most women find the real challenge to:

  1. Know what to eat
  2. How to stop eating when they are not hungry but stressed
  3. Dedicate the time to do the stuff that really matters, every day, week and month

It is my aim that YOU fall in love and have a love affair with food, with life and your body.

You know how most women dread being in front of the buffet table as they want to eat everything (but the plate s so god damn small that they squeeze too much on and some falls off) they want seconds and thirds because its all so delicious and tempting. Well what I teach is to help them to have such a great relationship with food, so that they don’t feel they have to stuff it all in at one sitting, or have to skip all those tasty morsels and the dessert, for fear of feeling sick, bloated, gaining weight and feeling guilty and ashamed later.

In fact only last week I had a client in that very situation and she loved every second of it and enjoyed all those exotic foods, without any of the guilt, digestion problems, and she has maintained her weight for the whole of this last year eating what ever she wanted.

I help women to open up to a love affair with food, to love her life and love her body. There is no more dieting or restricting hating herself for craving that desert.

I take you from where ever you are to where ever you want to be as the women you fantasise about being.

If this has you saying OMG yes, do yourself a favour and come along and grab a cuppa with me so you can say good bye forever to diets and join me on getting to know you coffee break over on Skype..

Just book in a time and date ( by clicking here ) and I’ll meet you in the cafe.