Its time to increase your impact, influence with your energetic intentions, and breakthrough the spells that bind you, and move you into the magical phase of your business and life….


Manifest with the Dragons 2024 – In a 3 month Incubator

Are you struggling to connect with the spirit world and receive the guidance you need to manifest the life you want and need, and the Angels and Guides just don’t resonate with you?

You have an idea of what’s possible but its not happening for you yet?

Are you keen and ready to call in and receive guidance for yourself?

Maybe you don’t know where to start or Have you tried several avenues and nothings working out for you as you’d hoped?

This 3 months training will be like nothing you have ever experienced before – an opportunity for you to develop and and embrace your gift, to create your future and manifest even if you feel like your not strong enough and you don’t believe you will receive Dragon guidance.

Call in the Dragons to assist you in all of your earthly endeavors

Feeling that there’s so much to consider, and you’ve become overwhelmed with all the ways to do your life and business and so you end up doing nothing!

Yet you have so much insight, value and passion within you that will support so many people, and you want to be guided down your path to fortune, better health and wonderful relationships.

It’s frustrating I know when nothing seems to be working for you but it doesn’t have to be that way.


It’s not your fault. You don’t know this yet, but here is the message the Dragons want you to see, hear and feel for yourself.


            “You don’t know how powerful you are”

This is the 1st Message I channeled from the Dragon who asked me to call her Sarafina


If you’ve never resonated with the Angels or guides as they seem too fluffy, airy fairy or wishy washy.

I bet you’ll love to get bold, direct, no nonsense instructions, with the straight talking cheeky Dragons. And be shown ways to operate that don’t beat around the bush but leave you empowered and certain who you are what you can acheiveand feeling unappologeticaly radiant.

I would love to Channel the Dragons with you. So that….

Clear and certain on what your being shown

Feel sure that your are on the right path

Recognise the guidance being given

Recognise what is standing in your way to getteing what you say you want

Feel unstoppable and own your desires energetically, mastered your mind and can articulate clearly

Feel empowered and you’ve put all your energy behind your dream and now go for what you really want

See the evidence of what you said you wanted showing up in your guidance 

Here is some client love for The Way Of The Dragons

After the session we had this week when Fiona helped me clear out some stale energy what she calls a ‘Dragon Spring Clean’ and the entity and energy that was still attachted to me simple left… I have after been feeling different & extremely good. Feeling confident even lighter… and I suddenly felt that my light and bubbles inside me don’t match certain things in the outside… My Inside world I witnessed changing and so my outside world is now reflecting that… I feel the nudges from my body just as she said I would, and the guidance to operate and respond differently than I once did. 

I am seeing the manifestations I have been creating arrive, matching my new thoughts and soul purpose and the feelings I radiate. Amazing.

Margot L

I do love your offerings. I certainly had not expected things to get moving quite so quickly, Fiona after getting me in touch with my soul but WOW! 

I WILL really be encouraging everyone to get a soul reading with you 

When you said to me in our call and channeled “going back” and described going back to who I am rather than thinking I have to become more…. It just made so much sense on an energetic level and nothing has been the same since….I have felt myself for the first time in my life fully accepting me instead of shrinking or hiding. I wasn’t joking about that reading having such a profound effect…..holy!


Jeanni M


I was lost in the searching for the “thing” that would be my business, my calling, but what this journey has shown me is that it doesn’t start from there. It doesn’t start from defining what you do and then figuring out how you do it.

You showed me that you first figure out who you are, what your essence is, what your soul is calling you to (however crazy it may seem in the cold light of day) and then you just follow the breadcrumbs of each soul nudge, without knowing where it might eventually lead.

The Dragon Guidance has been invaluable thank you.


Anna C


We are about to call in the Manifesting Dragons - to power through and transmit to you sensational skills of creating your world working for you, and delivering to you what you want

Over the next 12 weeks you will be shown…….

How to articulate and put your energy behind what it is you say you want to create

How to call in the Dragons to assist you withj manifesting change

How to pivot your mind to be focused as a Dragons mind and filter out the chaos

How to break the spell you are under and see your own resistance and let that go

How to step out of your own way and let the Dragons guide you

How to embody and OWN the feeling in frequency of what you desire to bring into physical form

How to flip out of your own resistance to manifest your desires

How to use your mind, body and soul energy to identify that you have th epower in you to create your new reality

And so much more in a community of Dragon Souls rising above the mundance obligations of struggling with life and businesses not working for them.

You will no longer feel frustrated or stuck and the beauty of this is that you will be able to reuse this as many times as you desire. Because you will have mastered accessing the magic inside you.

Your inner world creates your outer world…..always

How This Way Of The Dragon Course is Run...

  • Trainings will be made available to you on a private The Dragons Way To Manifest members area you can view at your leisure.
  • You can re view any time you need to create something new aftre the course
  • You will receive support and guidance from me and the Dragons Channeling through me
  • Together we meet on a private Face book group.
  • One off private session for 60 minutes to assess your key block to manifesting and the Dragons supported practice to clear and evacuate that block
  • Together we will meet every other week ( 6 times) to mentor you through this powerful process with the Dragons at your side

I’m ready now to Call in The Dragons

Doors CLOSE Friday 26th January and we start Thursday 1st February

Feel like you’d really appreciate some extra support as you alter your capacity energy and ability to manifest, that may bring up somle blocks then choose to have contact on Voxer as a VIP optional extra for €222.00

I believe everyone is a talented intuitive and receiving signs they can trust that propel them forwards, and these should never be wasted.
I work with spiritual women to see them embrace their soul guidance as the most powerful strength and to play a bigger game in business and life, being confident at the leading edge, being a change maker and doing the unimaginable with guidance.
Do you want to knows what it feels like to have activated your higher consciousness, connected to your soul guidance so that you are guided in your life, relationships and even your business?
I will take you through each and every step and process I got to trust, so that you can too and the activation of your soul as your guide that I do with my VIP clients, that sets them on a whole new trajectory for a life of dreams.
I have vowed to help women because I never knew this even exsisted when I started out on my spiritual journey, or what I was available to create for myself and I want to and will show you.
Are you ready to leave ordinary and enter a life by your design?
Soul to soul conversations are about to start to see what your soul has to say to you and to get you to the other side of the rainbow and recieving guidance .
Meet your Dragon