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Weight Loss Detox Retreat for Women

Re Set & Re Boot your Hormone, Digestive systems and increase your natural energy on a 6 day Total Body, Mind and Spirit  Detox Retreat

Weight Loss Detox Retreat – Cleaning and clearing you from the inside out

Retreat Biarritz is your intimate venue in S.W France where you can experience a detox retreat and your best Weight Loss program for women to enter the Detox state that uses stored fat for energy – a Total System Reboot. Detox Retreats have been running here for 14 years (since 2006) and supported 100’s of women to lose 5kg (11LBS) in 6 days and beyond.

Here you can learn how to eat again and discover how to lose weight and have a new relationship with food. During the week we now include 1 to 1 coaching to breakthrough the cycle and your triggers for food with cravings and for emotional and over eating. We have found there are 3 reasons that have the body holding onto weight, and we help you to release those reasons.

We support you to specifically develop your weight loss and ‘Joie de Vivre’ mind set, that helps you to have an easier path to life long natural weight loss and health at your finger tips, without constantly dieting.

How would it be to put aside all your pre-conceived ideas and beliefs about food, eating and what causes weight, and enjoy your body as she enjoys more and more energy, lightens up and responds better to your balanced digestive and hormone systems?

This is an intimate venue ( home from home ) set in the stunning natural beauty on the South West coast of France, between mountains and sea. Located near a spring filled lake and in the foot hills of the Pyrenees. I invite you to come and switch off from your busy life and discover your natural flow for allowing in the Good Life. You will leave with a very strong foundation in place for continuing your journey to having better health, more energy and a body you love to play in again.

This detox retreat and workshop gives you the unique chance, time and space to slow down, take a step back as well as clean your body from the inside out, with fresh pure food and juices and a time to learn how to stop putting more in than you need. My Detox program’s work by clearing out toxins that come from certain foods, as well as creating the state with the help of a short fast. This is a normal metabolic process, something your body does to keep working, when it doesn’t have enough carbohydrates (sugars) from food for your cells to burn for energy, it burns stored fat instead helping the body to lose weight and burn off fat.

The detox retreat teaches you life skills on how to reduce your normal every day stress that causes your body to lack vitality, and be flooded with hormones that steel your energy and cause havoc in your digestion, making you gain weight.

I have created this Detox Retreat and weight loss program of 6 nights so that you can come alone or with a friend, and discover for yourselves the benefits of a Detox holiday week. A 6 day fast and Detox and internal cleanse. Experience the weight loss detox state that releases the fat and uses the fat stored in the body. Here you will be re introduced and learn how to eat again with delicious Raw & Fermented Foods that will boost your immune system, improve your flexibility, lighten your body and mind, as well as relieve hormonal symptoms and digestive troubles and help with weight loss.

I use the two large apartments at my home to host my intimate Detox Retreat and workshop weeks.

What I offer

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What’s Included

  • Accommodation in a private or shared room (with an en suite bathroom)
  • Airport/Hotel transfers on the Sunday between 13.00 and 15.00pm
  • Local and organic (Bio) food and drink
  • All detox supplements ( if required )
  • Intestinal probiotic support
  • 1 hour of 1 to 1 Coaching for the “Joie De Vivre” mindset when you return home.
  • Be your own Raw food chef, 2 classes of Living food & juicing demonstrations
  • Space for YOGA, stretching, dance and breathing sessions
  • Menu planning for beyond your detox week
  • Time in Biarritz and St Jean de Luz for local markets & shopping,
  • Local Beaches and Sea Side villages
  • Guided hikes into the Pyrenees Mountains ( optional )
  • And so much more, remaining flexible to your needs
  • Airport/Hotel transfers on the Saturday between 09.00 and 11.00pm

Next Detox Retreat Dates:

  • September 20 to 25
  • October 11 to 16 & 25 to 30
  • November 8 to 13 & 22 to 27
  • Ask me about any other dates you would like

Affordable All Inclusive Prices

Your detox and inclusive coaching week at our detox retreat is based on a shared room and includes all home made food, juices, detox drinks, supplements and activities starting at €2,500 per place. 

I invite you to bring a friend or partner along on your detox holiday to share your room.

3 month payment plan

I am now offering a 3 month payment plan on any room, to make it really easy for you to sign up and commit to your health this year.

All payments need to be completed before the retreat starts.

How to Book & get More Info

Go to the link to pay your deposit for your detox retreat, and tell me which week you would like to book.

Reserve your Personal DETOX WEEK now.

If you have any questions about the detox holiday program please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone 0033 ( 0) 677052201, or by email

Is This Detox Retreat For Me

On this retreat you will…

  1. Experience a detox that supports you to start with a clean slate physically and mentally again,
  2. A digestive cleanse that balances the hormone and endocrine systems
  3. Healthy Raw and a balanced diet to boost your immune system and release the best hormones
  4. Daily movement in nature, walking in the hills, on the beach or through the local French markets
  5. Rest and experience the deepest nourishing sleep and relaxation therapies
  6. Re connect with nature, your self and understand your body far better
  7. Receive loving support and coaching to discover your next step
  8. Learn how to nourish yourself and allow yourself all the nutrients you specifically need
  9. Experience what it feels like to be in a body that feels alive and ready to play again.
  10. Explore what it takes to maintain your new energy levels
  11. Find that deeper satisfaction with food and yourself and how to maintain that
  12. Re set your hormones and feel all is right with the world

Are you looking to have a fresh start and balance your weight and hormones?
Do you want to make the next phase of life your best?
Are you ready to explore and do what it takes to maintain your new found energy?
Are excited about taking control of your body, your food and your life?

I will support you as you on a detox retreat to release, reset and reconnect to your body again

3 of the Best Reasons to visit Retreat Bairritz

  1. Not only will you be sure to achieve your goals within a few days with this weight loss program, thanks to a short fast, ketosis weight loss detox and eating delicious raw food, but more importantly, our program will teach you to make conscious decisions and learn how to eat again, shaping your future health for the better.
  2. Retreat Biarritz offers an all inclusive Detox Holiday where you can relax and enjoy the nature and culture of South West France with the stunning back drop of the majestic Pyrenees and Atlantic Ocean
  3. You owe your body and mind to embark on a detox holiday, and besides, you deserve to have other people look after you for a week

3 of the Best Testimonials for Retreat Bairritz

I am going home with a new sense of self worth and belief in myself, and an ability to cope with my busy chaotic life. It was no accident that I came here and received the care and kinship, to get in touch with what lay at  the core of my obsessions with food and what I really needed This week changed my life, I have cleared away so much rubbish. I am healthy and feel so much better, lighter and brighter. Suzanne, 2009

Thanks for a perfect week, a combination of a warm and honest welcome, non intrusive support, the program of walks and visits, your passions, enthusiasm and knowledge.  A home from home where I could relax and enjoy the nature and culture of this corner of the world. Melanie 2012You will never know the full extent of the services you have done for my health, or all the bills for the new clothes I will now have to buy after this week. So much love from Brazil Carlos and Leticia 2016

Reserve your All Inclusive Detox & Raw Food Retreat”

PLEASE NOTE : I run detox and health breaks all year round. My aim is to help you experience a ketosis weight loss detox to reduce fat, learn how to eat again and feel much much better in your own skin.

If you like we can explore the reasons why you emotionally eat, your cravings, your thoughts and beliefs and habits around food, and how to raise your vibration so that you feel just great all the time, you can lose 5 KG in 7 days and lose that heavy feeling that follows you around everywhere, both mentally and physically.

On Our Retreat

PRIOR TO ARRIVING: Questionnaire and 1-2-1 coaching call (30mins)

Supported through a thorough a cleanse and digestive detox and reboot,

Detox and reprogramming of the mind, release the thoughts that are causing life to be a burden and heavy and trigger Emotional Eating
Exercises in our workshop sessions that release the stored energy that contributes to extra fat in our cells
Stretching, Yoga, meditation & grounding walks in the mountains and on the beach
Time out to relax, take a dip in the sea, rivers & enjoy the garden and sun
Menu that supports hormonal health and improves your energy and healing capacity

3 day digestive detox and cleanse

3 day Reboot raw and healthy balanced diet

Daily High Fibre cleansing weight loss shakes

Enzymes to support the digestion and melt away trapped waste

Probiotics to boost the immune system and optimum gut bacteria

Hormone and weight balancing foods

POST-RETREAT: 1-2-1 coaching session (1 hour) to establish the best habits, menu and set yourself up to succeed and keep up the healthy path you have started.