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Detox Retreat

Invincible Queen
Fiona helped me master that I could feel like a Queen and internally that I stand strong and tall and feel like I am invincible.
C. Kirby
Magazine Staffer
Excited to go home and bring in the new!
I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I feel lighter and much brighter, and I made some huge decisions whilst I detoxed. I gained so much knowledge that I am excited to go home and clear out the old to bring in the new.
Suzanne MacCarron
Rehabilitation Center Manager
Detox Retreat changed my life
This week changed my life, I have cleared away so much rubbish. I am healthy and feel so much better, lighter and brighter.
Passion, enthusiasm and knowledge
Thanks for a perfect week, a combination of a warm and honest welcome, non intrusive support, the program of walks and visits, your passions, enthusiasm and knowledge.
So much love from Brazil!
You will never know the full extent of the services you have done for my health, or all the bills for the new clothes I will now have to buy after this week. So much love from Brazil
Carlos and Leticia
Revolutionized my life.
From the moment I started I could see how I felt inside and how unsafe I felt. and how that made me react to everything, how I ate and how I operated with others. Thank you so much, this is revolutionized my life.
Major turning point in my life!
This week was a very special week for me? It was a great pleasure and a major ‘turning point’ in my life. Thank you so much I never knew how much stress I was carrying around everywhere.

Peace with Food Course

My eyes have been opened
It has all been so revealing and the final gentle ‘push’ I needed. I mean the whole experience woke me up to how I am with everything. I’ve had my eyes opened, to not just my relationship with food but every single relationship I have.
I have my instincts back!
This for me was habit changing. I see I have choices about how I feel, and that I alone know what is best for me, and whats more now I can feel it. Thank you so much for this tiny and yet the most colossal shift. I have my instincts back.  Nelly