The Midas Touch Effect

Have you ever felt like there’s a force holding you back from achieving your goals? Do you often find yourself struggling with self-doubt and negative thoughts? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world face the same challenges every day. But what if you could be shown and see yourself break free from these spells and limitations and unlock your inner power? That’s where The Midas Touch Effect comes in and gave me and now 1000’s of others just like you and me a new perspective on the life, you can create for yourself. This was given to me to share from a glimps of what magic can really do.

What is The Midas Touch?

The Midas Touch is a revolutionary program created by Fiona Robertson, a renowned self-help expert, master manifestor and prosperous entrepreneur. It’s designed to help individuals unlock their inner power and manifest their deepest desires. The program is based on the Law of Attraction, a powerful principle that states that like attracts like. In other words, if you focus on positive thoughts and beliefs, you’ll attract positive experiences and outcomes.

‘Midas Touch Effect’ a 6 week intensive incubator to master the art of manifesting specifically for your Health, Wealth and Relationships. With daily video’s and actionable steps and potent weekly group coaching for 6 weeks. (24 interactive group calls and 42 hours of mind attunements and powerful life changing lessons)

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The 6 week days Midas Touch Intensive Incubator Program

How does The Midas Touch work?

The Midas Touch works by tapping into your subconscious mind, where your deepest beliefs and desires reside.

The program consists of a series of videos and audio tracks that use powerful techniques that use your own beautiful powerful mind as a potent creative transformational tool, creating the life you want on purpose. Altering your thoughts, focus, beliefs and your core identity to amplify and accelerate your manifestations with powerful techniques seldom shared how each step amplifies the next. What you can visualize and feel will be reprogramming and influencing your subconscious mind in extraordinary ways. By listening and tuning into these messages regularly, you can and will change the way your mind works, cerainly alter your deepest beliefs and thought patterns, and manifest the things that you focus on and see the world work for you from now on.

One of the key features of The Midas Touch is the use of your mind and it’s capacity to expand your imagination to alter your beliefs, and see you land in your new identity. Your Brainwaves are more receptive to new thought waves and enhanced to feel more than you think.We will be working on a deeper silent language at a subconscious level to have you absorb new powerful informatio, from a new state of being that opens your mind to suggestion and a world of new possibilities.

Who Is Fiona?

Fiona Robertson is a master manifestor a soul led channeled writer, speaker and an intuitive mentor to soul led entrepreneurs, visionaries and change makers and a band of extraordinary passionate creative women across the globe., with a true purpose and passion.

Known as the ‘The Dragon Lady’ recieving guidance and messages from 8 Dragons for over a decade to call in an evolved way of living intuitivley in a life, that is created with grace and ease, alignment and flow.

Fiona is Soul Led and is the founder and CEO of Retreats specifically designed as a Detox For Your Soul, and the creator of the Home Detox Box.. Guided to Move to France and open a retreat and write the protocol for the mind opening and how to activate the pineal gland, and thus giving certain access to the inner vision accelerator and the silent language of intuitionj and hense cultivated an unbreakable connection to be Soul Led. A brand with over two decades of being guided herself and to guide and evolve women into a new identity, mentally physically, financially and towards careers that serve the greater good. Being spiritually connected and guided, believing in magic with thousands of client intuitive manifesting success stories.

Fiona’s work, more than anything, is focused on the belief that everyone deserves to experience a life of freedom, and your inner world creates your outer world so claiming your phenomenal power and destiny.

Fiona guides her clients to break the spells they are under, unlock their stubborn beliefs, unlock their mind to it’s true capacity and potential, own their own unique soul language to be guided towards their success to create freedom that they know is meant to be.

Through her programs, like the Midas Touch and A course in Practical Magic, her powerful Dragon soul led intuitive readings guide you to holistically regard your own career and the vision source has for your career. Fiona listens to the Body Whisper and by listening to your soul for the cause of the vibration of the original creation within, so you can create a body fit for your soul,

She also has a gift for turning tragic relationships into love stories and for these transformations she has a wealth of coaching examples,

Fiona watches inexplicable events, opportunities and miracles happen daily.

She’s been writing articles for magazines on the art transformation to living free and having magic at your fingertips for over 20 years.

Originally from the U.K. she was guided to live a life of vacation in sunny South West France, raising her boys and fur and feathered friends, and run the retreats, write her book on Practical Magic, create the Dragons cards can regularly be found on the beach, in the woods or hanging out in the garden talking to her Dragons.