Use the power of radiant energy and feel more confident, energized and phenomenally strong

Say Yes to Radiance

For you, as a radiant woman can experience your self in a state of being confident, strong, energized, and powerful. Tap into the LOVE in your body that you can create in as little as 4 weeks.

Join me to discover how to say YES to life 100% on your terms and reconnect to your true Spirit and most authentic self.

Saying YES to yourself in this way is allowing your radiance to shine through and has you experiencing your natural state and having your way with the world.

Like many women, you may have become disconnected from your radiant self… Your light and brightness got turned OFF when you grew up rather than turned UP.
You wound up living life on low, feeling mediocre and stuck, and out of touch with getting what you really desire and deserve.

Leaving you feeling disappointed and frustrated at life.

You end up working SO hard, giving all of your energy away, taking care of everyone else’s needs and never your own.

Together we are going to be taking the lid off this for you.

Reminding you of your true spirit and how it feels to be your most authentic and radiant self

Watch yourself transform into a woman who truly loves her body and feels 100% alive. Enjoying all that life has to offer.

Are you ready to let go of that stuck, stagnant, heavy and lethargic energy that has trapped you physically? Fed up with symptoms that weigh you down?

No woman should live a mediocre life, feeling constantly tired, stressed or ever overlooked.

Every woman is here to live her life on purpose with as much pleasure as possible and be connected to her truly radiant Spirit

Are you ready to experience HOW? 

I will provide simple practices and be your guide you over these next 4 weeks. You too can benefit from the knowledge that has dramatically enhanced my life and brought for me, the energy I could only have dreamed was possible. Freedom from long-standing physical symptoms like sciatica, excess weight and more… Manifest your dream house, your dream partner and create far better relationships with your family friends and anyone else you meet.

Life will become so much easier with your radiant energy turned up and in play for yourself, like it has already been reignited for the hundreds of other women just like you.

You’ll come out of these 4 weeks feeling confident and excited to experience much more fun, desire and have wonderful new opportunities drop at your feet.

Doing this training has affected every aspect of my life, not just my ability to stand on stage and present my self and my books, being happy to be seen in my entirety, but my love life and my relationships with my co workers as well as with my family have all changed because I have become the woman I always wanted to be. I feel extraordinarily different on the inside, I no longer criticize myself and I am taller and stronger for it, all in one neat bundle of 5 foot 4 inches who I now love being” ~Mandy K.

Say YES to Radiance

​Radiant ENERGY is VERY DIFFERENT FROM the TRADITIONAL ways to transform yourself and how you can feel ALIVE and healthy in your body, to have the confidence, energy and the changes you would love to experience.


  • During your ‘Say YES to Radiance’ Energy Training and ignition, you will get accustomed and guided how use the most powerful currency on the planet, your PERSONAL ENERGY, completely transforming the way you radiate, attract and impact your life and everything in it, it alters how you hold yourself, your cellular and molecular structure and your ability to shine, be seen and glow!
  • This way allows you to experience a much quicker transformation than you would traditionally expect with manipulating, time, effort and hard work, altering nutrition or activity’s to feel more energy in your body, or mind control and willpower techniques to alter how you control your appetite for life, these promise that you will feel better and more confidence in your own body. However, you have been duped into turning down your energy rather than turning it ultimately all the way UP
  • Combining deeper concentration, connection and releasing and clearing techniques and powerful energy work, my clients have experienced a much better response – meaning it takes much less effort and hard work to feel on top of the world, attractive and truly radiant and take their place centre stage in their own life where they belong and can be seen and heard.
  • Your body responds so well to this energy she alters herself on a cellular and molecular level and your mind amplifies what your body experiences.
  • Stress, overwhelm, lack of sleep, self doubt, constant worry about your reactions and ability to performance at your best or how you look are simply not invited to the party. 
  • Attract what you always wanted with EASE is key here!

I’ve been using the power of ‘Becoming Radiant’ and ‘Saying YES to Radiance’ to consistently transform my body and mind for the last 5 years with ease, and have seen excellent results using this approach with my clients too.

And now, I’m ready to share these extremely powerful practices and techniques with you, and help you make an impact on your self and your life so that you can feel radiant and be a phenomenal SUCCESS in everything you put your energy towards!

Say YES to Radiance

YOU CAN JOIN THIS TRAINING EXPERIENCE – and see the difference IN YOURSELF in just 4 weeks!


NOW £297.00 until Midnight 27 November

I never liked myself enough to do this for myself before, Fiona changed all of that. I am so grateful. Elaine.

This is for every woman:

  • Who wants more out of life
  • Who wants to be on stage rather than watching others in her place.
  • Who feels overlooked at work or in relationships
  • Who feels unheard and has something important to share
  • Who is not getting what she deserves
  • Who has settled for POT luck
  • Who feels she is living a mediocre life
  • Who has settled for disappointment over desire
  • Who feels uninspired and confused
  • Who feels there is a big gap in her life
  • Who dislikes her body
  • Who is bored and about to give up

I look forward to meeting you and taking you into radiance.

Sometimes you just need to make a few small changes that make the biggest impact. Mary T

What we will be covering

1. Prepare to launch your inner Radiance through the roof

In this extra ordinary life training, you will connect to that part of your personality and spirit that has access to ALL you need to create a body and life that you love, but more than that you will create an experience you have always wanted to have whilst you are inside your body. You will attract all that you desire to you with ease.

In week one you will:

  • Discover how exactly to prepare yourself to receive the most powerful energy on the planet – energetically, and how to ignite that energetic state.
  • Understand the difference between the traditional energy state that you have been in and the new radiant energetic state required to launch you and send your luck and opportunities through the roof just by utilizing the most powerful currency on the planet – your personal energy! 

Plus, bonus gifts that will help you to ignite and create your own specific energetic and most attractive state


1. Collect your meditation to access your Radiant self.

2. Collect your meditation to experience 50% more of your Radiant energy

3. Collect E Book ‘Ultimate Body Connection’.

4. Course note book. To be completed as we go through these points.

2. The three stages of Energetic ignition into Radiance

On week two you will:

  • Discover the three stages of connecting to the energetic body – and how to master them for yourself.
  • Get ready to attract a body you love that lights up your soul – and will be ready to say “Yes please!” to everything that you now attract your way.
  • How we get as much as 50% more return on radiant energy – a few powerful tips and tricks from personal experience.

Plus, an extra Bonus Resource – work book and mind set changer

Wouldn’t it be great to have something that can support you when you have a decision to make and how to embody that energy that will help you get 10 X better result than all that effort, hard work and depravation?

Well, that ‘something’ will be yours. This example of ‘what you want and the energy to access that’ will give you daily guidance for the creation of everything you ever wanted and the energy mindset to adopt.

Say, Goodbye to guessing and accepting POT luck and following someone else’s plan and “I don’t know what to do” type of thinking.

3 Stages of connecting to your Magnetic Radiant Energy

A How to access the energy required to launch and ignite your body into a physical experience you have been hoping for

B How to raise your radiant energy by 50% and find out how to cope with turbulent waters that lie ahead

C How to practice the discipline that maintains a better than average success rate when it comes to living a life you deserve, feeling confident, having new opportunities show up and living in a body that feels 100% youthful and ALIVE.

3. How to use the energy you have ignited, care for it and watch it develop and grow.

On week three you will discover:

  • Why people REALLY succeed with renewing & transforming their body– and how to ensure you create and will be an incredible success at attracting the body you dream of.
  • One powerful tool that turns your transformation into a LIFE EXPERIENCE for you– and how to utilize it to stay attractive and attract the very best opportunities to show up and be radiant in your area in every area of your life and boost your life purpose and area of expertise.
  • What exactly to do, energetically, deliberately, intentionally, every day during your creation and transformation of your new radiant life and body, without putting extra thought, effort, and excessive hours into your diary.

Plus, you will get one powerful bonus resource that will put you in this incredibly potent state for creating the experience of a radiant life and body. And is a complete

4. How to support yourself with your new energy and maintain a better practice

On week four you will discover:

  • How to step up and own your new energy in every situation, how to have that energy ooze and present you as the woman at ease and in charge and with a phenomenal inner strength and power.
  • What exactly to do, energetically, when you are faced with people places and situations that you want a different outcome with. Ensure that you are coming from your best intention and can manifest and get the best outcome for everyone in every situation.
  • How to amplify your Radiant Spirit energy over time and experience the rays of joy and happiness alter your life and what you attract daily.

The woman I was yestrday introduced me to the woman I have become today. More radiant and far more of the real me. Susan T

Say YES to Radiance

YOU CAN JOIN THIS TRAINING EXPERIENCE – and see the difference IN YOURSELF in just 4 weeks!


NOW £297.00 until Midnight 27 November

Do you need a personal introduction to Fiona?

Who Is Fiona : The leading body transformation mentor and influencer, looking at you in your entirety, your body, your energy, your mind and accessing your spirit.

The principles, techniques and practices Fiona teaches are out of this world, they have seen her bounce back from living a life of crippling financial issues, attracting lousy relationships and poor self esteem, to re connect her with her true spirit and life with a calling and true purpose in an enthusiastic energy seeing great opportunities open up and her ability to manifest great homes, finances and deep loving relationships.

She says it is soul intervention coupled with her divine practice, hearing the whispers of her soul and a love for life that brought her to re connect with her true spirit and manifest a live life she always dreamed of having and living it with enthusiasm.

Choosing to live in S.W. France where she has created her family home and business, she has turned around the lives of countless world–class women who wanted to be seen and heard and feel confident in every area of their life and especially in their area of expertise and calling in business.

Say YES to Radiance

YOU CAN JOIN THIS TRAINING EXPERIENCE – and see the difference IN YOURSELF in just 4 weeks!


NOW £297.00 until Midnight 27 November