Peace With Food and Your Body

£ 88.00

Peace with Food is a support and coaching program. During a period of 5 weeks you will see clearly the triggers and what is causing you to emotionally eat, and give up and cheat on every diet you’ve ever been on.

Together with me, and 5 very detailed and informative interactive videos, where I will share the best technique to break your eating cycles and habits. We will go behind your stress and find your daily triggers, and that missing piece to having a body you feel proud of, feel fulfilled and find real peace with your food.

‘Peace With Food’ was so powerful and helped me in just a few weeks to relax and to not only feel comfortable in my own skin, but safe and supported, whilst I continued my everyday life at home by myself. I got to see clearly my inner story, what was triggering me to give up and emotionally eat, and how that had created the body I was In”. Lyndsey.

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