IGNITE Release, Reset and Reconnect to your body a 6 week journey to your lighter self

£ 1,800.00


Release, Reset and Reconnect to your body, a 6 week journey to your Lighter, Happier, more fulfilled Soulful Self

What Blocks and Stops You From Losing Weight

My sole mission is to help you lose weight. To help you uncover what triggers the chain reaction in your body that causes you to hold on and has you gaining even more weight and Belly Fat.

No amount of healthy foods, diets, living off salads or green juice will solve all your weight problems, you wont lose the weight, nor will it give you all the energy you desire, as I have found out.

There is a simple step by step process that is smarter and quicker than any other technique, any other diet, boring restricted regimes or mind set practices out there.

This is the vital link and the massive 80{6a14cc849908c46212f3d2c8a81eada984febec31535ea1cc7f55de4f8a4ba8e} difference that you have been missing in the process to lose weight. This simple method reverses the triggers that have flooded your body with a chemical chain reaction, releasing the hormones responsible for the weight gain. These hormones have huge physical consequences, which turned on Neurotransmitters telling your body to store, hold on to, and create more fat than was ever needed.

What I offer

I provide a safe place for the initial IGNITION of 6 weeks, where we on a 1 to 1 journey, in an open and relaxed environment, where you can safely lose weight, explore your relationship with food, be aware of your unique triggers to weight gain, how to release all the old out dated baggage, how to relax and re connect to your own Body’s Wisdom, and how to receive what you have desired for so, so long.

I offer you a unique chance, to shake off what has long been ready to be released, and boost your metabolism through the roof.

This is a complete 6 week step by step supported program that will allow you to become very aware and thoroughly conscious of your own triggers, and how your body is reacting to internal and external influences, and how to reduce the flood of chaotic hormones in an instant, that normally set off emotional and chaotic eating patterns, sugar cravings and out of control binges.

We will explore together via our sessions, and weekly home work, into your psychology, personality and relationship with eating and food. This is a profound method to help you develop and overcome over eating, comfort and emotional eating in times of stress. You will have a very strong foundation that will allow you to be certain of how you are around food, and how external factors have thrown you off track in  the past and how to recognize that in the future.

Join me in IGNITING the next 6 weeks, as I partner up with you on this step by step life changing and Energetic Weight Breakthrough process.