Home Detox Box

£ 158.00

The Home Detox Box can radically kick start your entire wellbeing

RESET your metabolism, RE-CALIBRATE your digestive and hormone systems, BOOST your immune system naturally, IGNITE your intuition and enjoy a CLEAR & focussed positive mind and become a better intuitive channel.

This 7 day DIY Home Detox Clean Diet, Fast & Cleanse will considerably lighten and brighten your day,

FREE you up from toxins, dissolve away your overworking mind by cleaning you up from the inside out.

Here is a way to pick yourself up and reset your entire mind, body, and soul with a thorough 7 day Detox Diet & Cleanse. This can enable the body to release a ton of toxins that are dragging you down and what is undoubtedly slowing down your elimination and clogging you up. You will see surprising advantages to your mental capacity and the de-calcification of your pineal gland, allowing you to access your concentration, your intuition and expand your consciousness.

In the weeks that follow the home detox clean diet and cleanse you can notice that you have much more energy and that you naturally continue to make better food choices and crave healthier way of living.

Get fresh and start again with a clean slate.

Become a clear channel for your intuition

Clear away the debris and toxins of what you ate and stored over the last 10 years, and watch your body transform.

 This Get Fresh 7 day detox diet cleanse kit will considerably lighten the load, free you up from toxins stored in your body,

by cleaning you up from the inside out.

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Before you start the Home Detox Box, get your FREE guide to: “How to start your detox at home”

This 7-day program consists of 100% all-natural ingredients and nutritional supplements.

Choose the HOME DETOX BOX for:

Boost Immune system

Ignite your Intuition

Reduced inflammation

Energy levels soar

IBS relief

Constipation relief

Hormones rebalanced

Improved fertility

Stress relief

Anxiety relief

Depression relief

Skin Conditions improve



Inflammation reduced

Arthritis improves

Migraines disappear

Blood pressure normalizes

Candida vanishes

Food chemical intolerance

Food cravings controlled

Natural appitite


And so much more……..

See below for a fuller description

Disclaimer: These products are not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Some people may lose more or less
weight when using this program.
Consult your health care provider before you use,
if you have a family history,
or a medical condition and using prescription
or over the counter drugs and medicines.
Do not detox if you are diabetic, pregnant or breast feeding.


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