Expanded Feeling of Love Meditation

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We are going to use our imagination  – your greatest gift – to open up to a feeling of love that is going to expand your ability to feel into love



Expanded feeling of Love meditation


Relax and begin to close your eyes.



We are going to use our imagination your greatest gift to open up to a feeling of love that is going to expand your ability to feel into love

Close your eyes and begin to quiet yourself, follow your breath easily all the way in and watch as your breath turns and flows all the way back out, and turn again and flow back in effortlessly, without trying to make anything happen

Your body breaths naturally all by itself, no effort is required

As you breath let your mind become soft and receptive there is nothing you need to do and nothing that needs to change

Bring your attention inside your skin and forget what has happened in the past or what is going to happen in the future, this moment is where you are and real and fascinating and totally alive. This is where you are and have


In this moment and in this body I am 100% present, I am aware of the all knowing and all loving presence inside me and in everything around me.

Follow me now as I walk with you and show you something wonderful.

It is a warm sunny day in a local park, you are happily walking along singing inside your head, when you spy an enclosure with puppies in it. You are compelled to take a look and get closer. You walk up to the enclosure and step up and over the mini fence and go inside with 7 excited bouncing, joyful puppies all clambering for your attention.

You spy a cushion and place that on the floor and sit in the middle of the enclosure with all of these exuberant puppies.


One by one the leap onto your lap asking for your undivided attention.


One by one you pick them up and put them back on the floor.

They start to be naughty and pull at your trousers, sleeves and you can hear the yip and yap as they get excited and bark a puppy bark.

Their sharp needle teeth bite you on your hands and ankles and you scrabble to keep them otherwise occupied.


Once or twice you hear a little growl in their play together as they pull at your clothes from every angle, and they haveall of your attention as they climb up on you and try and lick your face. It’s a job to keep your hands busy pushing them away playfully, stopping them from swamping you in puppy love. You laugh and relax more into the experience. Its been a while since you had a play time yourself like this.


You pick up each puppy that jumps on you and place them away from you and then the next one and so on and so on. They begin to fight each other all except one who takes a last leap towards you and lands directly in your lap, making you laugh at his persistence.


He has got your undivided attention. Now that it is just you and him, You discover his fur coat in more detail as you pick him up, all soft and innocent, the fur rolls under your finger tips independent from the puppies solid body, you can feel under his fur coat that feels too big for his body his sturdy ribs and solid rounded belly. Getting engrossed in the touch and softness of the fur coat and how warm he feels and the weight of this little body in your hands.


He wriggles and squirms about a bit, his trail wagging so much like a helicopter blade about to take off, sending his bottom swinging left and right with the enthusiasm of the wagging tail, expressing how happy he is to be with you.


His tongue all pink hanging out of his mouth. And you can see those needle sharp teeth up close now playfully trying to nip your fingers.

Then you catch the puppy’s breath, its milky and soft and warm and is a unique smell that comes with puppies and babies. You get lost in the smell and melt inside a bit further still you feel your belly drop and you fall a bit deeper into the cushion.

You look at the puppy who is not settling down yet and you place him on your lap and hold him steady with one hand and stroke him with the other, gently pushing him you manage to roll him over, so you can see his belly all pink and round and missing the hair that covers the rest of his body.


You are fascinated by the touch, so sort and gentle, you use so little pressure as you stroke his pink underside puppy belly.

While he is on his back you notice his four perfect puppy paws and his pads that are un scratched or lived in. So soft and sponge like. You press each pad and slip your finger between the pads where the temperature is even warmer.


As he is here on your lap you see his ears have flopped open and you can see the pink insides of his ears, and you tickle behind his ears and he wriggles again. You notice his puppy whiskers and baby mouth with the remnants of his milky lunch still stuck to his chin, you notice the hairs on his chin and where they stop coming up to his soft mouth and the longer whiskers twitching as he smells everything 10 times more that you do.


He is beginning to fall asleep on your lap and rolls over and curls up on you, You can feel the weight of his warm body pressed against you and you are flooded with a relaxation you have not felt in a long while, a warmth and peaceful satisfied feeling. You could sit here quite happily all day long, you have no where to be and nothing to do that is more important than this.


You are so engrossed in this experience you notice nothing else around you, the other puppies have long since vanished into sleep, your hands search for the soft fur and you sink your hands into the fur, smell the breath and feel the puppies temperature and weight against your body.

You are relaxed and enjoying this experience thoroughly, The puppy wakes up and his clear blue knowing eyes catch yours, He looks into your eyes and sees into you deeply.


You feel a smile and a knowing cross your face as you connects and feel the love and trust between you.

Slowly trying to keep his eyes open he struggles to stay awake and then closes his eye lids for the last time and his head flops and rolls off your lap. You cradle his head and sink further into the whole experience.


Your heart swells and expands as you feel the innocence, and love how this experience feels . You have let yourself go for a while and occupied all of your thoughts and energy on an experience with a puppy and shared unconditional love.


Feel into your insides breathe and see how your insides feel, relaxed, soft and everything has melted away,

You have dropped all thoughts and worries, let go of concerns and pressures.

You have had an experience of entering into love.

The energy that fixes heals and allows better things to come to you.


You have experienced the expanded capacity of love and what is possible for you to experience more of in soul to soul connections with people, when you come from the love of your Soul.


This experience of feeling relaxed and the love you felt with this puppy shows you how much your soul loves you.

Just as you experienced the Puppy, is just how your soul experiences love for you. Unconditional, infinite, timeless and never ending.


As you leave this quiet loving space say HELLO to your soul who loves you for who you are.

Hello Me

I am sorry for ignoring you

Please forgive me for not listening to you

I love you.

Thank you for taking care of me and loving me.

Please show me how much you love me, give me a sensation inside my body that shows me how much you love me and have always loved me.

Thank you

I want to get to know you way better.


Your Soul is more powerful than you can comprehend- it’s smarter than any computer and more powerful than nuclear warfare. Your soul is endless, infinite and timeless and it’s waiting for you to say Hello.