Reserve your place on a Weight Loss Detox retreat, including 3 day Ketosis weight loss fast, Digestive cleanse, raw & fermented food and coaching.

I will welcome you and guide you through a unique week.

Let me know which week you want to book and Ill reserve your space;

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you into a body that feels the way you want her to very soon.

With love and sunshine from the Sunny Pays Basque region of France.




Reserve your place on a detox retreat on any of the weeks and weekends planned on the calendar.

A Mental and physical re set with the 3 day ketosis weight loss detox fast and Raw food introduction that will help you to feel energized in a very short space of time.

Come and explore the South West of France & Basque country as you experience an incredibly healthy week, with walking in the mountains visiting local picturesque sea side villages and having great food and company..

When you leave you will be clean and clear about your next step for healthy life

You deserve to be cared for on a detox retreat for a few days, come and discover what it feels like to be in a clean body, feeling lighter, brighter and fitter than you did one week ago;

Come and be coached and catered for by Fiona, as she guides you through a relaxing detox retreat, a week of self discovery and experiencing a cleaner more vibrant you.

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