Create Your New Reality – 365 Day Challenge – You Get To Have It ALL

£ 25,000.00 £ 22,000.00

‘Create Your New Reality’,

as a total transformational INCUBATOR…. For super smart women who are highly effective, successful creators & have already manifested so many wonderful things, who now want to HAVE IT ALL! which means, you get to live the rest of your life in a Body of Love.

This is an In-Depth 12-month Complete Developmental Course of Leading Edge Soul Guided Training, integrating your mind, recoding your body, and getting you prepared for Spirit and Intuitive Assistance.

Are you ready to have your body as a NON ISSUE, one less thing to worry or think about, and groom your body to be the finely tuned asset that allows you to read, process, and quickly make decisions that matter?

You get to create the experience of the Bionic woman, a fully sensory body at your disposal all wrapped up in your own unique design. You get to be as successful as you want, knowing that your body is much more than something to be admired. You are healthy and can access the power of intuition that you can access in your own body,

You are back in control, you take charge of YOU again and become able to personally receive what you desire physically with a clear focussed mind all aligned with spirit assistance

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