Create Your New Reality – 30 Day Challenge – Practical Magic

£ 164.00

Create Your New Reality – Practical Magic – 30 Day Challenge to prepare you to receive and ignite your intuition and create your soul’s vision for you as an entrepreneur. 1st January 2022

Access the PRACTICAL MAGIC that is at your fingertips – Trust that you are intuitive and have ‘signs’ all around you and explode your vision

This is a transformational INCUBATOR…. where you stay for 30 days and evolve knowing and trusting that you are getting guidance, have intuition, and are prepared to receive spiritual assistance

 In this, In-Depth 30-day Challenge and a Complete Developmental Course you will ignite your INTUITION and recognise the signs.

You don’t need to look hard for your intuitive ‘signs’, you are being called to see the signs in everything around you – from the state of your health, state of your relationships, to the state of your finances and business.

With intuition acting as your ‘Practical Magic’ you will have a way to make decisions and get answers to your burning questions.

Are you ready to have several of your problems resolved over the next 30 days using your intuition to guide you?

Your physical complaints become a NON ISSUE.

Your finances re-arranged

Your relationships working well

So that you have that one big thing as one less to worry or think about, Life is far too precious to spend it worrying needlessly.


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