3 RAW FOOD RECIPES to go Naked this Summer

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I have put together creamy textures and seductive flavours that will have you keeping a supply of these in your fridge for every day use, and never wanting to buy a shop bought, bottle of mayonnaise, sauce, dip or dressing ever again.

3 tasty, tempting use again and again recipes

My desire is that I can help you to learn to really love salads and all fresh, raw foods. This Book is made especially for you, to help you to jazz up your salads and experience some really tasty dressings that will wow you and your friends. You can make them in minutes and keep them fresh for a week.

I created this mini recipe series for you, as I found after guiding people through a detox week, they wanted to keep up with some really healthy options and needed some really quick and easy dips, dressings and sauces to make their salads tasty and varied.

If you have just done a detox week, or are returning from a retreat or Spa you will want to know how you can maintain your feelings of lightness and sustain your weight loss. I hope that this mini E book will motivate you to continue with a more Raw Food diet. I am here to support you on your journey and to assist you in making NEW healthy alternatives that can become your new favourite dips, dressing and sauces. and find a mind set and perspective that works just for you to keep you fresh and craving a healthy body and mind.

JPG E Book Cover 3 tasteful ways to go naked

You can have a simple plate of food and make it look attractive, but the flavours you really like are missing, so that’s where I come in and have supplied you with great sauces, dips and dressings to bring your food alive

See my FULL 21 tasty “saucy little recipe book” for the full range of sauciness for this summer.




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