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Phenomenal Inner Strength – reinventing yourself as the high spirited and strongest woman in the next phase of her life.

In-Depth 5-month Complete Developmental Course to see you Create Rock Solid Inner Strength.

Together we will see you take charge of YOU and LOVE you again and to become the beautiful & phenomenal woman you came here to be.

You will become so sure of who you are, that no one’s opinion, rejection or bad behavior will rock you.

This is the most integrated and divine training that sets you off on the path as someone who knows what she wants, and how to get it, has ROCK STEADY INNER STRENGTH and trusts her own soul guidance, and will experience huge positive physical consequences.

Fiona Robertson

Body Whispeper

Being in tune with Divine Guidence has clearly shown me, and hundreds of women just like you who have been introduced to her true potential and Inner Strength, that her Spirit and SOUL has her back and puts her back in the drivers seat. She can and does feel INVINCIBLE enjoys great health, finances, relationships and business and is exquisitely prepared to receive her own SPIRIT ASSISTANCE in all things.

“I feel so much stronger and the dramas of other NO longer affect me, My cravings have gone….First time since I started with Fiona just 2 months ago. It works! It does what it says in the tin! 😃Thank you Fiona! I see now that I was filling up on everything and nothing of what I truly needed. Now that I have my SOUL in my corner I have never felt safer, stronger, happier and been more on-point and successful. My relationships have transformed as have I. Xx” Elma. 2018

“I know if I’d been left to my own devices I would have never got to this point. I would have stopped and given up, gone back to using something to numb myself out when I felt insecure. Thank you Fiona for being by my side and noticing when I went AWAL. You helped me do this to prepare and keep up the practices, that made me so strong and I see the results of listening to my own guidance from my soul. I now feel unaffected by things that would have pushed my buttons and wobbled me over before and when I would have exploded” Sally, 2017

“Sometimes you need to just do what it takes and ask for help. I’m a huge fan of Fiona and always will be, I got my self confidence and inner strength and body back in 2018, I got my relationship in 2019 and I got the family I craved on the way last month” Zoe Z. 2016-2019


Your body and soul is so willing to play with you – if you are willing to play with her.

Hi, I am Fiona Robertson and I am the Body Whisperer and Soul to Soul communicator. I support women to get stronger from the inside out with the use of spirit. My specialty is to see women reconnect with her inner strength and know here Soul and listen. Come to know all of her ways of communicating to her. Until they become so strong that NO amount of drama, confrontations or worries can wobble her inner calm and balance.

I have assisted women to renew their bodies, relationships, business, and families in this way and to truly understand what has shaped them up until now, and how they can get back in the driving seat to radically propel their passions, lives, bodies and all of their fullest desires forwards.

Knowing what is affecting us and feel we are truly in control, is what makes us truly strong, resilient, confident to cope so well every day so that NO amount of rejection, lousy or underhand behavior from anyone else can ever rock you from your calm, centered, self-assured confident place.

This is how it works…

Firstly, You’re not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully live life, create a business, have the dreamy relationships, lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body and with your life, and that is to learn and practice the ways of Inner Strength, reconnect to your true Spirit again every day in your life.

  • To reconnect and feel in control of your body and soul, and know what she most needs, wants and is lacking the most,
  • To release what is no longer working and let go of the feelings that drag you back into insecurity, that go onto creating negative physical symptoms for you.
  • To reset and retrain your mind into a creative positive set of visions and practices, that will hold and support you so strongly, making you feel invincible.
  • To truly nurture and nourish yourself from the inside and out, so that you can consciously reconstruct your body and life on a molecular, metabolic and energetic level.

You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels strong, confident and invincible and to embody your own soulful, funny and wicked woman moving into the next phase of her life.  I’ll show you how…..

I just can’t wait to show you what will happen for you in the next 5 months

So who is this training for?

You deserve to know what it feels like to feel invincible and to embody your own soulful, funny and wicked woman, I’ll show you how…..

So who is this for?

You if you’re looking to have an easier simpler life

You if you want to know how to cope with your busy Day to Day life and

You if you feel rushed all the time and have NO time for what you want

You if you have to care for lots of other people and are putting yourself last

You if you are fed up of the drama storms in a teacup and crave a simple relaxed life

You if you struggle with certain relationships that push your buttons and you can’t seem to resolve it

You if you spend your time worrying about loved ones

You if you have physical symptoms you can’t get to the bottom of or find the solution for

You if you want to be guided by Spirit and feel confident again

You if you are told trust your gut but don’t know how

You if you want to know the next step to working with your Soul spirit and the Universe

You if you have not seen the link between your business struggle to finding ease and success

You if you feel sad and have old stories going over and over in our mind

You if you are willing to change and find the easier way and find yourself in the right place at the right time

You if you find that you are bored a lot of the time and want more adventures

You if you find that you are hectic and want ease

You if you seek the partner of your dreams but don’t know where to find them

You if you pray for adventures and travel but feel stuck in a job and mediocre life

You if you practice Reiki and want the next step using energy to heal

You if you are a therapist and want to give a better deeper consultation

You if you don’t feel SAFE and want to feel that where ever you go you feel safe and secure

You if you struggle financially and dream of being affluent

You have hopped about and gone from one solution to another and never found quite what you wanted, never found the love that fulfills you, the diet that works to keep the weight off, the job that brings you real success, the holiday that is good enough and never quite reach the vision you have of the woman you really wanted to be and now want more than anything to become.

You, my lovely lady, are sadly trapped in a world without Spirit or Soul, habitually feeling like everything it’s an uphill struggle and you are short of time. I know you’re confused and exhausted of all the effort and seeing no rewards.

The painful part is seeing yourself and judging yourself because of the feelings you have. In order to walk with your head held high and with a lighter step and radiate as a beautiful woman – who has vibrant health, and everything you need in your life you need to be aware of your spirit and move beyond the body and mind to give you answers.

I’ve helped dozens of women, worldwide, to create a true sense of worth and ‘Overcome the Limiting Undercurrent’ and release the old habits, trapped energy and beliefs and truly acknowledge the woman they dream of becoming is a possibility and can be a reality.

So are you willing to do have ‘Divine Guidance and that Personal Introduction to your SOUL’ training practice with me, where you find and get to know your very Best Friend over the next 5 months. Knowing myself and my Best Friend who is The Spirit of me and my Soul is what led me and 100’s of women to turn relationships, weight, business around 180° and feel deeply satisfied with what we achieved and become the success story we craved.

Do you Hear your ‘Yes’ and can you Say ‘Yes’ and give up all the feelings of struggle once and for all, and take the journey to the other Soulful easier side.

So What’s in ‘A Personal Introduction to your Soul’?

OK so here is what’s included in this groundbreaking training ‘A Personal Introduction to your Soul and to Divine Guidance’  5 months of techniques and practices, a bundle of goodies and support that will have you shedding the perspective that life is hard, faster than you’ve ever seen change happen before, and moving over to the truth that life can be easier and more fun than you thought with your Soul and very best friend working and prompting by your side”.

Personal support and guidence from me Fiona Robertson, I am an Intuitive Body Whisperer, Supporting women for 15 years to feeling vibrant in their bodies and introducing them to their SOUL.

20 weeks of in-depth group with group coaching sessions, taken over the 5 months of the program – to open you up to prepare and receiving Spirit

1 to 1 Program with weekly 60 minute in-depth training calls

1 to 1 calls to see your Questions answered on a weekly basis.

Private 1 to 1 call to guide YOU on your very personal journey to meet your SOUL and Spirit Guide

Group on Facebook to post all your adventures with your Soul as she comes to you and works and plays through you.

Work E-books, specific and revealing homework specifically tailored to you preparing to meet and then how to work with your Soul.

Meditations to support you, that allows your mind and body to open up to receive Spirit

Discover how to best work and play with Spirit on a daily basis

How to translate signs and messages from Spirit

How to consistently practice to reconnect with your inner spirit and deepen the connection with your higher wisdom

Discover the techniques that get you back on track when you feel lost, separate or get caught up in drama’s

Discover the practices that matter the most that keep you in tune and reaching for your Spirit Daily

Home support and assistance via the ‘A Personal Introduction to your Soul‘ Face Book Group

Daily support and motivation via ‘A Personal Introduction to your Soul ‘ Face Book group to raise your awareness of spirit

Real community spirit and soul buddies to hold you accountable, so that you do the soul play beyond what you have ever done

How and where do I join in?

Joining in – you will learn a brand new stronger loving relationship with yourself and your spirit, know how to nourish yourself and your spirit who you will absolutely come to love, nurture and trust.

You will experience becoming stronger and more self-assured when Spirit has come HOME.

You will, at last, discover the ‘Divine Guidance’ you seek and the connection to your Higher self on a very personal basis, and be on first name terms.

You will find that you are reconnected with your spirit as she supports you and guides you with a wisdom that will create an even juicier and richer life than you ever expected.

Turn around every experience of your life 180° in just 5 months when you follow the steps as I lay them out and do the practices as I recommend them to be done.

Packaged Value:

A personal Introduction in 5 EASY payments of £1,500.00 


Buy YOUR Personal Introduction to Your Soul

in a 1 off payment 


and save £1,500.00

UPGRADE onto a VIP retreat in S.W.France where you will deepen this process and embody the woman you came here to be in the next phase of your life.

6 Days Deep Dive retreat normally £2,200.00 but when you do this course

you get to save £400.00 & come on a

VIP retreat for £1,800.00

Who is Fiona Robertson?

There is nothing wrong with YOU or YOUR BODY!

Fiona Robertson, Age 52

Have you ever wondered if you had something wrong with you that stops you from living a happier life or losing weight, or having that relationship and business? I Did…

IT’S OK, You’re not missing some special DNA strand that makes some women successful, happy or skinny and you not. But, that’s exactly what I thought and considered when I couldn’t lose the weight, feel happy or get the success I put all my efforts into getting. I was in enormous pain.

I couldn’t figure what was going down! It was a nightmare. I became conscious of my thoughts, my body and thought that trying harder, working longer, forcing myself to do more or starvation was the only route, that is still the hardest habit to break and it was my body and soul who were screaming at me and totally desperate to get my attention.

At a low point I started to meditate, You see I knew, as I always had that there was far more going on here than effort, force or using food. I sought out my SOUL to find the real reason I was suffering, and as I reconnected with my body and Spirit, she spoke back to me.

I went on my internal journey to healing my emotions, the self-judgments, the secret eating binges, the over thinking, chronic starvation of any pleasure or joy, exhaustion, and fear of people, money, food, and life. I have totally re-invented myself, my body and my relationships, business along with my spirit’s support. I brought her HOME.

You’re not broken and there is nothing wrong with you, there is however a better more integrated and far easier way to successfully live life, lose weight and feel fully satisfied in your body and with your life, and that is to learn and practice the ways of Spirit every day in your life.

  • To reconnect with your body and soul, and know what she most needs, wants and is lacking the most,
  • To release undigested emotions and let go of the feelings, the repeated stories of situations and traumas that are still being held in your body and creating more and more fat.
  • To re set and re train your mind into a creative positive set of visions and practices, that will hold and support you so strongly making you feel invincible.
  • To truly nurture and nourish yourself from the inside and out, so that you can consciously reconstruct your body and life on a molecular, metabolic and energetic level.

You deserve to feel what it feels like to be in a body that feels invincible and to embody your own soulful, fun and wicked woman, I’ll show you how…..


A seriously awesome experience. I never knew there was so much I was missing. This taught me in just 5 months the complete and thorough process I am still happily using today, the rituals that work for me, how to feel what I want to eat, when I’m hungry, how to honor my feelings. Who is right for me who is not. How to give myself what I need. How to nourish myself on every level and why it is so important. This is life supporting and I have just had my best year ever, body, business and relationship wise.

I cannot explain how I feel now compared with when I started this journey. Its remarkable and as Fiona always insists, it has guided me to know how it feels to be in my body and how everything is attracted by the undercurrent of my feelings. We went on a journey and found my Soul and I have brought her home, I know that where ever I lay my hat that I am at home because she ( Sukie ) is at home in me.

We align with the body and go way further than I ever knew I could. Fiona helped me master that I could feel like a with my soul as my guide and in my corner and internally that I stand strong and tall and feel like I am invincible. An unbelievable transforming journey. Thank you is such a poor phrase to explain this whole process.

C. Kirby 2017…