This 5 Day Master Class and challenge has perfect assignments to help you create your new body out of thin air.

I covered the essential elements anyone wanting to reshape their body needs to be doing more than just paying attention to their nutrition.

There is nothing that responds faster than your body to your thoughts and feelings

  • In 5 Classes I covered the deeper and the invisible elements that construct our body and how to turn these around 180° in your favor.
  • These recordings and assignments are available for you to keep and do again and again with a little investment in yourself. Because you are absolutely worth it. Well, Aren’t you?

I believe your body is not fixed or final and you only need to change your perspective and start feeding your soul to experience a massive shift in your physical experience

You KNOW that you’ve had enough of diet’s that don’t work for you or losing the same amount time and time again, so that now you can now focus your time properly and start having fun and have the food and weight thing as a thing of the past.
Rest assured that the weight and the reasons it’s there will soon be resolved and the good times are going to come.

In these 5 classes that are linked below you have access to all the information you need to co create with your soul and construct a new better feeling version of you.

So with further addo lets get started.

CLASS 1 – Thoughts become Things

CLASS 2 – Feelings create Physical FORM

CLASS 3 – Cellular memory

CLASS 4 – Chemical Culprits

CLASS 5 – Missing Nutrients and FEED YOUR SOUL.

And that’s it! It’s all over!! 😪

-How to create out of thin air-
Was a 5 day master mind challenge that demonstrated how your body is seriously influenced and affected by 5 very powerful invisible aspects no one else is revealing

So it’s over…..Almost….😂

There is one final task. More a favour, I would really appreciate it if you can help.

It’s the only thing I ask from you this week in return for what I’ve shared.

Could you please click this link and share how you found the challenge and what it’s done for you. It will allow others to see how impactful the Master Class and challenge can be for them.

That’s it. A nice and simple way to end an amazing week.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting your time and trust in me this week!

Until we meet again…
Fiona Robertson

Please click this link to share your experience Each assignment put Class 1 or 2 and so on and which assignment you are up to and leave your comments in the group. I will feed back to you and assist where I feel that you need extra support.

Whats next: PEACE WITH FOOD AND FEED YOUR SOUL an 8 week group experience and class running 2 times a year breaking through the stops, -blocks and self sabotage habits. You know you have but can’t get past.

So much more is waiting for you