What happened when my Soul said “Hello”

My Soul came to me and loudly said “Hello”.

I recall the very morning as If it was yesterday. It was in early 2002 on an early cool morning before I got up and was to be going to my company, the company I had created several years before. The company that got me out of the corporate world, sales, marketing, budgets, profit and working for other people with a very different agenda to mine.

The company that I had just saved and hung onto from a very painful separation with a life and work partner. I felt myself hanging on so tightly to what I thought was my future. I had the feeling that as I had created it and so it was like a baby to me and I wanted to see it grow and flourish.

The morning my Soul spoke to me, she asked me in a clear loud determined voice “Do you want to be doing this in 5 years Time?”

My answer was so spontaneous and out loud and I remember saying “No Way”.

She asked me a further 3 times asking if I still wanted to be doing times in 4, 3, and 1 years’ time? and my answer was astonishingly NO WAY…  This was the very start of a long beautiful soul to soul journey of getting to know and appreciate my soul and have a personal experience of how soul is for me, and what she wants for me, (for us actually).

In this book, Living From Your Soul I have given an account of what she had in store for me and how she time and time again intervened whenever I got stuck in an earthly life situation. She got me to see her perspective on my circumstances and intervened until I saw the BIG picture for us. My life is so much more than I could have ever imagined and still holds me in awe of what I have created to date and what can still be created by Living From My Soul.

I have recalled in this book a specific 15 year phase of my life and events that happened when my soul said “Hello” and made herself unmistakably known and very present to me. She intervened in such a way that I had no choice but to follow her needs and wants for me. Just so that I could create the life as myself as a soul wanted, rather than accept mediocrely or potluck and whatever was thrown at me and maybe because I still held the belief somewhere inside that was all there was available.

She intervened in ways that were not always easy, not always nice just so that I took notice and started to ask more and more and be extra curious and inquisitive.

On the Breath of a Dragon has been put together specifically as an introduction to the soon to be released Living From Your Soul from When My Soul Said ‘Hello’ as an introduction and guide to personally experience your soul.

Over the past 20 years I have identified 7 stages that get you to live an easier simpler life from the soul. I have recognised and have seen those situations when my soul has intervened in my life, and put me back on track to be who I came here to really be.

The power of being open to recognizing soul intervention with whatever life throws at you and can come from any and all directions, is an essential tool to being able to cope well with life, and become resilient to all of life’s dramas and ups and downs as they unfold in your daily life. 

How you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go onto create a life worth living in a body worth living in, is the key to going onto make even better situations out of what could have ruined your day or left you at rock bottom and in a phase that seems totally out of your control.

So whether you want to create for yourself a better romantic life, change countries, career, become financially independant, solve persistent physical symptoms or build a life consciously and on purpose on all levels from – finance to love, and where you can have your way with the world and create a life worth living, this book is for you.

In this book I have described how you can get to know your soul, live in the flow and achieve a life on a very practical basis whilst living from your soul.

This is a book that sees you get unstuck and STOP reading about it and actually want to close all the books and feel safe to just get on with and do it.

I lay out the Step by Step processes in everyday situations and in an everyday language that can be integrated into your daily routine. This will see you go beyond curiosity to actually experience and have a personal experience with your own soul.

Having a very personal connection and experience with my soul has had a profound effect on who I am and who I thought I was. I see a very different perspective on situations that occur and know that there is serendipity at play.

Discovering that there is always more to life and that you get to create that, especially when you have your soul alongside you, has not only been fascinating but opened numerous unexpected gateways so see how the soul has and is still intervening in my life. 

I spent decades trying to fathom out what my body was doing to me, as none of it was explainable scientifically or had any relevance to what I had learned or been taught about the body. That is how I began to know about soul language and communication. I became a Body Whisperer after years practicing Reiki and energy work and could feel the messages from the soul in myself and in others.

I believe that whatever you’re faced with right now, you can now see it as an opportunity, as a doorway and a personal invitation to become consciously aware and have a personal experience with your soul, your best friend, and your biggest fan. 

It is a calling for a simpler, easier life and how to materialize your full potential in every area of your life, to make the changes and see how to fall in love with what you’ve already and will go on to co-create together.

This all happens so easily when you allow your soul to come through and you can build a long lasting trusting relationship as a team. This is your new normal way of operating on a daily basis and getting to have your way with the world.

Get prepared to be soul assisted, become so strong that no one’s opinion, rejection, bad behaviour, drama’s or disasters will ever rock you.

This book is for every man, woman or child who has ever dreamed of living a life relaxed and in the flow.

To receive an insight and an introduction to Living From Your Soul I have created On The Breath Of A Dragon. In it, you will read transcribed conversations with Non Physical beings that I experience as Dragons and what they have to share about living as a feeling being and Living from the soul. A Practical Guide with practical solutions to everyday situations.

On the breath of a Dragon has been put together specifically as an introduction to the soon to be released Living From Your Soul and When My Soul Said ‘Hello’ …

The non-physical beings that I met whilst following my guidance to write this book came to me as Dragons, who were guided to me by my soul. They appeared in a deep channeling session and were like the voices from God that I heard, with what they felt was the right time with something powerful that they now wanted to be openly shared.

Their sheer energy, how I feel their vibration and size, and how I experienced and saw them so clearly was undisputably and immensely powerful. You don’t argue with a dragon. When you get told to do something by a Dragon you better do it.

Excerpt and an interview with a dragon from the Book Living From Your Soul..

Brief Interview with a Dragon

Interviewer: Can share with us today, what will this book be here to share exactly?

Sarafina: This is what the book “Living From Your Soul” is all about, the human population needs to evolve from being over thinkers. 

There is so much to think about, and until you can control the mind and have ‘peace in the mind’ and really understand what you want, and then go ahead and design it in such a way that feels good to you. Until then you are going to be chaotic, your feelings are going to be too many, your thoughts are going to be too many. And then nothing can be heard by US and nothing can be delivered. You cannot receive because of what you are sending out, what you are radiating is just utter confusion.

Interviewer: I can see that. Anything else?

Sarafina: Consciously aware of what you want and how it feels. There is always so much to share and knowing when to stop sharing. It is a very important book for its time, it’s a very important change in reality, you change your way of doing things, understanding things and coming at things from a different angle.  There is always so much more to be shared, but none of it is any good, if people don’t change the way that they do things, this is a book to open up to the possibility of living in a different direction. An introduction to living with the soul. Being a feeling Being rather than an over thinking being.

What I thoughts I was going to write and what transpired were 2 very different things. Yet at the same time were following the same path.

How to create a life worth living by connecting with and following your soul interventions. The part where the dragons arrived and channeled for me the importance of this time in the evolution of humans on the planet was to alter into sensual feeling beings connected to soul so that we became powerful Co-Creators with the soul, was what made this a serious step by step life guide for living and thriving into the next century. If we are to live life from the soul as a means of survival then we had better get ready to receive and accept soul assistance.


Soul Partnering